Saturday, April 03, 2021

Sepia Saturday 564 - PICNICS AND PARTIES


The prompt this week shows a works dinner. While I don't ave many shots of dinners, I do have some of parties and picnics that I can share with you.

I remember the days when my Dad's bosses would put on Christmas parties and picnics for all the workers. Not sure which firm put this one on, but there are my brother and I standing one each side of Father Christmas. I think this would have been taken in 1948. All the little girls got baby dolls and the boys toy cars or buses. Wouldn't do in this day of extreme non-sexism.

One year when my Dad was working at an aircraft factory during the war years, we all got model aeroplanes that our fathers had been able to make at work. That was pretty special, but I have no photos from that time.

This one was a works picnic held at Belair national Park in the Adelaide Hills. I am sitting in the front row about a third of the way along on the right with blonde plaits. I blew this up to see where everyone was and found my dad more or less in the middle of the back sitting row - bald head in front of a lady in black. To my amazement I found my granny on the right of that same lady in black. We travelled to the picnics in the covered trucks behind the crowd.

This shot shows a somewhat less happy group. The bus had broken down and the men all offered their expertise on how to fix the problem, while the ladies looked on in amusement or exasperation.

To bring us up to modern times. Not a staff luncheon, but some very good quilting friends  who are this year celebrating well over 20 years of friendship and fun.

Finally, Just one more in keeping with the theme. My mother and her brother at lunch. . Must have been taken in the '70s when they were both in their seventies.

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  1. I am not sure whether companies still have these large picnics for employees; it was standard practice in times past, I know. Certainly during COVID they don't have them!

  2. When I was a kid my grandmother was a clerk at the grocery store. They had a big store picnic every year and I always went along. I looked forward to it every year. It was not nearly as big as the ones you featured nor did we travel as a group. I wonder if there are any group photos of our company picnics in anyone's possession - my grandmother didn't have one that I know of.

  3. What a wonderful walk down the ages of family gatherings -- and how lucky you are to have these photos. My dad's work also had a big picnic every year when I was a kid. We lined up for food, there were tents to shield us from the sun, and afterward there was Bingo. I won a set of matching glass tumblers in their own wire carrying case -- not that appropriate for a teen girl, but I was still proud of winning.

  4. Looking back at the good old times is fun and it is wonderful that you have these great photographs to remind you.

  5. That group photo of the works picnic at Belair Park is quite the photo! I really like casual shots like that where folks are sitting every which and where way. Adds interest to the overall shot. And whatever those quilting friends are having for lunch looks delish'! :)

  6. Having a fun social occasion is important for workers as well as family and friends. It's part of what we have all missed this past year. My dad was good at organizing events like these, and he always seemed to be the designated photographer. I inherited a gazillion photos of picnics and parties that I never attended, and which sadly I've had to chuck out.

  7. Great set of favorite was the huge crowd outside for the picnic.

  8. Great team and sporty photos!