Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Too Good to be True


After a night of celebrating our amazing and unbelievable win, we had a phone call this morning to say "Hold on a bit. We think there has been a mistake in the scoring of the Handicap Shield."

Sure enough, it was discovered that the computer operator had given us points won by 'the other' Lobethal school. So no shield!!! Lucky we hadn't already taken possession. I don't think they would have been able to wrest it away.

No matter. We still had a ball. Them's the breaks.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What a hoot!

Today, I took a team of 25 Year 5/6/7 children to the Hills Combined Schools Athletics Carnival. This is an annual event and although we don't have a lot of success, the kids are really keen and put a lot of time into practising before the carnival. We are only a small school and so practically every senior student is involved somehow.

Had trouble getting a bus to take us there this year, but finally we were offered a second run which meant we were late getting there and we had to leave early so the bus could do two trips. Not a problem; we sent a few over by car for the early events and coming home before the presentations is never a problem as we don't figure in them anyway.

So, today we had a great day. One of my Year 7 Vietnamese boys got a second ribbon in the Shotput as did one of the Year 7 girls. We also got a few 4th and 5th places which pleased us a lot. Despite the lack of wins, we had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the day away from books, the fresh air and the good sporting competition.

We left early and got back to school, where I was met by the school secretary. She had just had a phone call from one of the other schools wanting to know why we had left early. We explained about the buses.

"What a pity!" was the reply. "You won the Handicap Shield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Unbelievable!!!! We won!!!

"What does handicap mean?" asked the kids???