Sunday, October 28, 2012


More cleaning up today.
Ollie and Mark had a great time stacking wood and lighting a fire. Like most Jack Russells,

Ollie gets fixations on things and one of his is for fires. He loves them. He snaps and snarls and gets his nose in as close as he can. As a result he has very few whiskers left - just curly singed stubs. He finds branches sticking out, grabs them and pulls them out if he can.

At one stage he set fire to the grass, but he was onto it and let us know what was happening. He wasn't happy until Mark had stamped it out.

Liz Needle

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Down on the farm

This year the garden is looking the best it ever has, thanks to my retirement and Mark's extended leave. I have been busy weeding, planting, mulching and redesigning.Check out my garden blog for photos of the garden.
 Don is busy in the vegetable garden and keeping the lawns trim and Mark has been amazing - removing and burning dead trees, cutting down twisted and broken willows, building bridges and redoing the fallen down fences.

 Even city girl Mandy joined in helping when she was here and had a ball - "Just like when we were kids."

Next on the list of 'Things to be done" are a hen house and yard - our own free range eggs!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

The Disappearing Koala

The koala saga deepens. This morning there was no sign of mother koala and her baby, but there in his usual tree was the big male koala - Kenneth!!  And we thought he had turned into Katie.  But no, he is back again as large as life and doing his usual 'nothing' all day. At least Katie and the baby were fairly active which
 surprised us when we thought Kenneth had become Katie.

Our old friend Kenneth

But what of Katie and her little one?  Where are they?  Will we ever see them again? Is Kenneth the father of Katie's baby?  Will we ever know?  So many questions without answers.  I hope this story continues to develop like "Days of Our Lives".


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Last year sometime I posted some photos of the koala who visits the garden on a regular basis. We call him Kenneth as it seemed to have a nice ring to it.

Well, Kenneth hasn't been around for a few weeks and we were beginning to feel as if we had been abandonned. Last Thursday I came home from school and was immediately dragged out into the garden to, "Come and see what has happened!".

I was led down to the native garden area and told to look up. I obliged.  There to my amazement was Kenneth, perched in the tree  -  except Kenneth has turned into 'Katie" with a baby on his/her back.

How exciting!!!!!!!!

I haven't been posting much lately - too busy gardening, but I will try to do better. I have started a blog devoted to the garden where I hope to record a year in the garden. If you are interested it is

Liz Needle