Friday, September 28, 2007

Scatterday W

Scatterday W
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Lovely surprise for me this week.

1. Black things - our wellies - a dirty black, but still black
2. Toys - Boys toys - weights
2. Tools - Whippersnipper. But look what I found in the shed. A nest built on the whippersnipper. And in the nest - a cute little mother blackbird. Such a brave little mum. Not in the least fazed by a clumsy, nosey human with a flash!!

HOLIDAYS!!! I am on holidays as of now. Time to sew, I hope. Have some quilt tops to get ready for quilting, so hopefully that is how I will be able to spend a few days. But, already DH is saying - "two weeks together. Now what shall we do? " Grrrr!!!!


Oops!!! Just realised that the topic is "games", not "toys". How did I get that wrong. Will have to think about that. Lucky I did it on Friday so I have a day to correct it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

She's "hot"!

Had a giggle the other day. I was doing an activity with my class of 12 year olds where they had to look at a series of photos of people and think about what the people might be like - personalities, talents, occupations etc. This was part of a unit about first impressions and not judging people by their looks etc.

The photos included several politicians, a couple of dictators, some serial killers, scientists, artists, musicians and a couple of ordinary people. Interesting that a number of the kids picked that Lizzie Borden and Ted Bundy looked very similar (and scary) around the eyes.

Anyway, I held up one photo of a girl in her twenties or so and asked them what they had to say about her. One of my boys commented "Wow! She's hot!!" and the others agreed. I asked them if they knew who it was. "No, probably a TV person?" Held the photo up alongside my face and said, "Now does she ring a bell?"

Well, you should have seen the looks on the faces of the boys. And the girls just howled with laughter at them. The boys still maintain that their frumpy old teacher used to look "Hot".

The photo in question - taken about 35 years ago. I think it was the blonde hair they liked.


Scatterday B

Scatterday B
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I actually found this one more difficult than Q for some reason.

1. B is for bee
2. Favourite things - some of my bears. Grew up during the war years so never had any of these as a child.
2. Big things - and what could be bigger than Brad?
4. Shop - did you ever play that game as a child - "I went shopping and I bought..........". Here is a selection of 'Bs' from my shopping at the supermarket - baked beans, borlotti beans, battery, bread mix, butter, bread, baking powder, Brasso, beer, a bottle of Bird in Hand wine, biscuits, basil etc.


Friday, September 14, 2007

This Week!

This has been a hectic week - 2 weeks in fact. So much has been happening that my class is having a ball. We have been too busy to do any real schoolwork. Roll on next week. They are in for a real shock!! Liz the slave drive will be back on form!!

We had our school concert on Tuesday - the reason for the lack of work. For the last few years the concert has been very low key, but with a new principal things have changed a bit. Still, it went off very well and there were lots of favourable comments - all good for the school. Here are a few photos.

Some of the little Vietnamese kids joining in the fun.

Kindies playing the merimba. This is an instrument similar to a xylophone and the kids just love it!

The senior schoolchoir performing.

Scatterday Q

Scatterday Q
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My choices for this week.

1. Clothing - quilted jacket. Not very original
2. Music - musical Quartets - The Beatles, ABBA, The Highwaymen, The Four Tenors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Mamas and the Papas - Ooops! I forgot the Platters
3. Square things - A square 'Q'. I think I deserve 10 for this one. LOL.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Scatterday R

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It's not actually Saturday yet, but I am not sure what time I'll have tomorrow. I hope you approve my choices.

1. Plants - Rhododendrons (though strictly speaking they are called azaleas now)
2. Childhood - Rabbits were always a very important part of my kids' lives - along with practically every other pet you can think of.
3. The Arts - this had me stumped for ages. Finally settled on "Ruddigore" - a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Coincidentally I am reading a Kerry Greenwood book called "Ruddy Gore", where detective Phryne Fisher solves a murder in a theatre where Ruddigore is being performed.

Have a good weekend, all.


Sunday, September 02, 2007


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Played with my camera last night while Don watched the football. This is the result of playing with the zoom feature. The photo was on the window sill on the other side of the room - about 15 feet away.

1. Ordinary zoom - 1X12
2. Extra zoom - 1X18
3. Digital zoom - 1X72

When I turned on the digital zoom, I felt like I had too much to drink. The picture wobbled all over the place. Will have to use a tripod if I ever use this one.

Don was suitably impressed with my new purchase, being no photographer himself and a complete techno dummy.