Sunday, August 29, 2021

Covid Projects

 It is some months since I posted on my blog - not sure why except that I haven't really had anything to write about. We have had a very wet, cold winter and have spent most of our time snuggled up under a rug in front of the fire watching TV - Tour de France, Wimbledon, Olympic Games and now Paralympics.  Good watching. We have also discovered the wonderful Andre Rieu and have been watching new (to us) reruns of his most entertaining shows.

However, all this time has given me the opportunity to get on with some sadly neglected quilting and crochet. I am using up some of my fabric stash to make lap quilts to be given to some of our veteran servicemen - a very worthwhile cause. I have enjoyed this and found it a bit of a challenge as the quilts are mainly for men - and I haven't made any man-quilts before.

The second one - somewhat different - and not the best of photos, but you get the idea.

My real passion lately has been crochet rugs. We all love them, especially the dogs who come running for a snuggle as soon as I get one out. First, my Aria Blanket from  Lucy@ Attic24. This blanket was a joy to make and I love the result - not my colors at all, but I love it.

This one, also by Lucy is the Woodland Ripple Blanket - gorgeous autumn colours.

My son Mark was so taken with the ripple pattern that I made him a blanket in his own colours using Lucy's  Neat Ripple pattern. I love the way this turned out and he has it proudly displayed in his room.

Finally, a real challenge I took on Lucia Dunn's "Eastern Jewels" blanket  which she adapted from the original "Persdian Tiles" pattern by Janie Crow. Just love this pattern and the colours.

My husband fell in love with every stage of this blanket, so I made him an extra motif which he keeps on the arm of his chair. This is one blanket the dogs are not allowed to touch! 

I did say 'finally', but I have to admit I am being frugal and using the left over wool to make a classic granny square rug in the same colours  - well  I did have to order a few extra balls of yarn to do this new one.

Where will it end?

Liz Needle