Saturday, January 30, 2016

My World - Everything a Woman Should lKnow

I don't have any photos in my family archives that fit the meme this week. I don't think my frugal German ancestors would have wasted precious photos on household items. Howevert I have inherited from my Great Aunts this  encyclopedia outlining everything a womans should know about conducting a household.

The book is well worn, so even though my two old aunts were spinsters and intellectuals, they were obviously interested in maintaing a good household.

 This book covers such topics as - The House - Choice, Construction and Fittings:  Mistress and Servants;  Guide to Cookery: Household Linen; Dress - Its choice and Care: Etiquette and Social Guide: Management of Money and Legal Guide: Home Dressmaking: Health and the Toilet: Poultry: Home Nursing and First Aid: Household Upholstery and Repairs: The Child:  Home Gardening.

Choosing brushes for the household

Ironing a chemise

Arranging Furniture

Keeping Poultry

Child Care

Household Goods

But what fascinated me most were the chapters on careers for women - remembering this was 1911.  I guess it's also what caught the eye of my great aunts - well known academics and teachers in Adelaide. In fact one of them was Senior Mistress in Maths and Physics at Adelaide Boys High School and taught Sir Marcus Oliphant in his Matriculation Year.

Some of the chapters under Women's Careers include  -  Literary and Secretarial Work:  Medicine and Nursing; Women in Horticulture and Agriculture; Domestic Science: Women in Business:  Civil Service and Public Work:  Arts and crafts:  Social and Philanthropic Work and Women in Politics.

All in all a treasured heirloom and interesting reading.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

My World - Good Fences

A day at the beach provided a variety of fences for a variety of purposes.

To keep little boys out of the fun  rides.

To stop people getting too close to the train.

To practise tightrope skills

To balance a tower on

To provide good jetty shots

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

My World - Wild Bird Wednesday

I haven't been out and about looking for birds this week, but thought I would share with you these shots taken at my photography group on Saturday.

I was quite amused to see the seagulls taking advantage of the container of fresh water that someone had put by the tap at the beach. I wonder if it was a kindly bird lover.

And even if I did not get to shoot many birds, the beach was beautiful.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My World - Ruby Tuesday

Not much ruby red to be seen this week, so I found this sculpture from a Sydney sculpture by the sea exhibition last November. Can't remember what this sculpture was all about, but he is certainly RED.

Apart from the sculpture, some of which I really liked, but a lot of which I did not understand, the setting along the cliffs overlooking the sea, was superb.

I hope some of you will join me on Saturday for a new meme "Saints and Sinners"  -  shots of old churches and pubs.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

My World - Monday Mural

I was driving along a main road through Port Adelaide and in the distance, across an expanse of  water, docks, bitumen paving, weeds and deserted areas, I caught sight of this  mural.  I drove on and then I decided, what the heck, I am going back to find it. I had a rough idea of the general direction, but no clear idea how to get there.

I turned down narrow lanes, across wasteland, through old factory yards and finally came out on a cleared parking area - and there it was.

I hope no one asks me to find it again!

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My World - Reflections

It's a while since I posted to this meme, but I did capture this reflection in a dam in Spring. It's probably dry by now as most of the dams are.

And another local dam.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

My World - Ollie and Alfie

I haven't posted shots of my two boys for a long time, so here they are for "Saturday Critters" and "Camera Critters". And a new meme that I have just discovered -"Friday's Hunt"  -  this week the letter "D" and that is perfect for my little dogs. They are also Beautiful and My Week's Favourites.

Ollie is a seven year old Jack Russell, very intelligent, energetic, moody, jealous and loyal.

Alfie is a three year old Rough Haired Jack Russell X Chihuahua X Rough-Haired Jack Russell X who knows.  He is not very intelligent (we think because he and his mother share the same father - the R-H J R), but he is cunning mischievous, lazy, cute and loving.

And the two of them are good mates though Ollie is definitely the boss. Alfie drives him mad teasing and niggling at him until Ollie loses patience and scruffs him up.

Favourite pastime is helping me in the garden, digging, chasing lizards and blackbirds, pouncing on spiders, jumping into bushes, sleeping under shrubs when they need a break - all the things dogs like doing.

My mates, my protectors, my constant companions.

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My World - Family Photos

"Sepia Saturday" theme this week concerns family photos and of those I have plethora.  My family shots last week also aroused a lot of comment on "Tuesday Treasures", so I will link this post to that meme as well.

This first photo is one  of my maternal grandfather's family -  his sisters and their families. At the time papa only had 3 children. My grandfather is the handsome fellow on the  left in the back row. In front ofr him is my grandmother nursing my mother who is about 9 months old. This dates the photo as mid 1906. The two little ones in front of her are my uncle and aunt. Gran went on to produce another 6 children. She was considered by her mother in law to be not good enough for the family because she was just a seamstress and milliner while they were academics and scholars.

The others in the photos are my grandfathers sisters, husbands, children. The older woman in the middle is my great grandmother Laura Heyne nee Hanckel.

Until recently I haver only had a digital copy of this photo, but yesterday one of my cousins who is downsizing brought me a huge photo - the size of two A3 sheets. It is in need of restoration, but is in pretty good nick. She didn't want this big photo because her father wasn't in it - not yet born.  A windfall indeed.

The next photo shows my great grandmother (from the previous photo), her four children - my grandfather and his three sisters (from previous photo) and my great great grandmother Johanna Heyne nee hanckel.

And here we have my mother and some of her siblings. I love this photo.

My mother - the baby in the large family photo is the blonde cutie on the right. This was taken around 1914.

Finally, so as not to seem one sided, a family photo of my husband's family - paternal side. The first one shows the many children of the Boord family - one of them is Don's grandmother - Rosa Needle - nee Boord.

And next  a Boord family wedding photo  -  we do have a seating plan somewhere for this photo.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

My World - A Touch of Green

A change of style with my fences this week - no more wire fences in sunsets for a while. This residence is not far from home and I have watched it develop from a house standing in scrub with a plain wire fence to this attractive residence. Despite little water thay have made clever use of plants like agapanthus and pencil pines to give a glowing touch of green in our drought stricken summers.

Note the matching white Jag in the drive.

Love the fresh green and white look.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My World -- Birds

With the hot weather continuing, the birds love it when I turn on the sprinkler in the evening.  I caught this little Silvereye frolicking in the leaves of a camellia. The shots are not as clear as I would like because the little rascal rarely paused for more than a fraction of a second.  Still, he is very cute.

He looks like a youngster, but he may just be fluffed up from the shower he is getting.

And in the Manchurian Pear, I spied two weebills, also enjoying a refreshing shower.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

My World - Monday Mural

The last of my Sydney murals, I think. I'll have to go for a walk around Adelaide looking for more  -  when it is cooler. Today is going to be 39C.

This one is cartainly different from the usual street art.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

My World - Kids

What a sad story - I wonder what the future held for those children. Let's hope it was a rosy one.  I was fascinated by the children's clothing and thought I would share some of the fashions of a slightly earlier era.

This first one is of my great great grandparents and my great grandmother as a child - circa 1855

The next two are my grandfather and his sisters taken around 1890

Probably taken in the early 1900s

The next generation - the above children grown up. My mother is the baby to the left of centre. Taken in 1906

My husband's mother and father - these shots would date between 1915 and 1920 I think.

1942 - the War Years. I am the baby blonde.

My generation - the kids in the street, taken with my Box Brownie around 1949.

And my husband's brothers taken around the same time.

Me(front) and college friends - 1958.  Note the petticoats - the more the better- twin sets and sloppy joes.

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My World - The Lovely Lotus

Last weekend we visited the Botanic Gardens for a photo event and to our delight the Lotus pond had started to flower. So here are some shots for you to enjoy.

 First the bud

The flower begins to open

The petals unfurl

The flower opens fully

The seed pod emerges

The unripe seed pod is seen

The seed pod dries

Thus ends the life of the Lotus flower.

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