Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This year we had a very wet, mild Spring. Great for the plants - but even better for the weeds!! I  started my spring cleaning in the garden in late August and thanks to the rainy weather I still have not got right around the garden. I must have pulled up a ton of weeds, burnt a ton of prunings and clipped miles of lawn edges - and still not finished.

The insurance company finally finished removing the huge fallen blue gum and cleaned up the area where the tree had fallen - only took them 10 months to do it. Now I have a large area of bare ground (except for a fine crop of weeds) to replant and with the hot summer months ahead, I am not keen to subject new plants to the summer heat. I bought a whole lot of stuff at the beginning of Spring as I had expected the area to be cleared by then, but the plants are still sitting in pots and I am in two minds about what to do.

But, as I said Spring was quite lovely and I would like to share some of my garden with you.

White Dogwood

Pink Dogwood


Enough for today. Enjoy.

Liz Needle