Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is Done and Dusted

Oh dear! 6 weeks since I have even looked at my blog. How slack. Term 4 was so hectic, I was sure I would never get everything done. I can't recall being quite so busy and rushed in other years. I'm not sure whether there was more to do, more pressure or whether I am getting more disorganised and less multi-tasked as I get older.

Finally finished Christmas shopping a few days before Christmas and got the tree up - as is ordained by family tradition, it has to be big enough to touch our 11 foot ceilings - and it was.

Oops! That was last year's tree. Wonder where the photo for this year is. No matter. Looks much the same - just no little kids around this year.
Small group of 8 of us this year, but we made up for it with 32 to tea the next day - all family. That was a hectic but fun day. Little kids everywhere, with a new one on the way - another great niece or nephew in June. Very exciting.
One of the things Don and I got for Christmas was an iPod from Mark, so we can listen to our music more conveniently. I've had fun the last 2 days going through my CDs and putting them on the iPod. Now I'll have to persuade Don to learn how to use it. He tends to resist modern technology - more out of perversity than anything else.
I remember years ago in the early 70s when he was still teaching high school maths and he used to take his classes on excursions down to Adelaide to play on these computer things. All they ever did was print out long pages of words or make calendars and Don swore that it was a waste of time and computers would never be of any use to schools. Hmmm. Eating his words now!!
Off to record more albums.
Have a safe and Happy New Year .