Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Fences

These photos were taken at Yourambulla Caves in the Flinders ranges not far from Hawker. This area is a very important sacred site for the local Aboriginal groups - the Adnyamathanha. It is one of only 7 accessible Aboriginal paintings sites. The fence is there not to keep anyone in or out, but to stop them falling.

Looking Up

Climbing up!!

 Looking down

 Looking out

Some of the paintings

Liz Needle

Skywatch Friday

I love the colour of the night sky when there is a full moon.  My very first formal gown was this colour in taffeta, so it brings back precious memories.

Liz Needle

Friday, April 19, 2013

Skywatch Friday

Back home from Bali and a scene closer to home. This was taken at Glenelg - one of Adelaide's best known beaches - and not far from where the first English  ships beached in 1836. Glenelg was my closest beach and as a kid I spent many happy hours there. The beachfront has changed a lot since then.

Liz Needle

Friday Fences

Back home in South Australia after a great holiday in Bali.  My picture today was taken close to home. This area used to be home to a lot of small dairy farms and when we first moved here 40 years ago, the milk truck was a regular sight each day, collecting the milk in cans from the side of the road at each dairy. Sadly the bottom fell out of the dairy industry and only the large dairies have survived - none in this area.

The old dairy farmers have moved on to other things - beef cattle, vines, retirement, poverty - and all that remains of the dairies are the old milking sheds and cattle yards.

Progress I guess, but at what cost???

Liz Needle

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Watery Wednesday from Bali

Have just returned from 10 days in Bali, so thought I would share some photos with you.

This pretty  fountain was in one of the temples we visited.

This was a pond at a restaurant we visited. More photos of this in my previous post. The fish we ate lived in this pond. In the background you can see rice paddies.

I like this shot of water on the lily leaves.

Liz Needle

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Reflections from Bali

My shots this week come from my fabulous holiday in Bali. I hope you enjoy them.

These shotswere taken at a little Balinese restaurant - Warong - where we stopped for a meal. We ate in a little wooden structure on the edge of a lily pond where the fish we ate had been swimming just that morning. Less hardy diners chose to sit at conventional tables, but we agile septuagenarians elected to eat Balinese style - on cushions on the floor at a very low table. Needless to say we felt far less agile after the delicious meal.

Liz Needle

Sepia Saturday

This week's theme is all about people on an outing - the ones in the theme picture seem to be off to look at sights or going on a hike.

This brought to mind some of the old photos I have of people on visits to the country for some reason or other.

When I was a small girl, businesses used to take their workers on a trip at the end of the year. I well remember the big picnics that my dad's firm used to put on. Sweets and icecream for the kids, picnic lunches, a ride in a big bus - all geat fun. I can't imaging too many businesses doing that these days.  This photo must be of a works picnic in 1947/48. From memory we went to Belair National Park in the Adelaide Hills. I am the blonde kid sitting crossed legged about a third of the way along the front row from the right hand side.

My husband's family had a grazing property called Daisy Dell in the far north of the state near a place called Nackera. We don't know a lot about the family - much of the stories are shrouded in mystery.  But, we do have an old album of photos, so we are able to imagine what the history may have been.

The first photo appears to be city relatives who have driven up for a visit. The cars and clothes would suggest the late 20s, early 30s. The registration plate on one of the cars shows a very early registration number.

And here we have the country kids from Daisy Dell on a visit to the beach. There were 14 kids in the family and these are some of the girls in their best clothes.

Other outings in the country were visits to the local Agricultural Show - I am only guessing here.

Sometimes city kids went on trips to the country to play sport against country teams. These girls were from Norwood Technical School on a Girls Basketball(now called Netball) trip.

My mother was their teacher and coach. This would have been the early 30s and the river has to be the River Murray - South Australia's only river of any size.

And finally from the family album, a couple of city visitors who have been visiting the local shop.

Liz Needle

Saturday, April 13, 2013

More sky shots

A few more sky shots that I liked. These were our last sight of Australia. Looking at the atlas when I got back, I was able to work out where we were.

First shot is of Pender Bay in the north of Western Australia

Next is a beautiful bay called Thomas Bay and the little northern township of Lombardina.

Finally Cape Leveque with Curlew Bay at the top and Catamaran Bay and Cygnet Bay on the right.  The sea area on the right is King  Sound. Such isolated places, but just a hop across the Timor Sea to Indonesia

Liz Needle

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skywatch Friday

Home from Bali, having had a wonderful 9 days. Here are some cloud shots looking down, not up.

I find it really interesting that the clouds follow the coastline in the last two shots. The first shots were taken over land.

Liz Needle

Friday's Fences

Back from Bali having had a wonderful 9 days in that beautiful place. And some more fences and gates for you. The first one is the entrance to a private house to which we were invited.

I coukld not resisit this beautiful gate. I would love to have seen what lay behind it

And finally a royal palace in the town of Ubud. This one had a very substantial stone wall and entrance archway. I like the lamp post in the centre of thr picture.

Liz Needle

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Friday Fences from Bali

I have been so busy taking photos of various things, including fences, but not much time to write a blog. This will have to do for today. But Bali is so beautiful.

This pretty gate led to one of the pools in a temple.

Not a fence, but a staircase up to the statues.
Fortunately this fellow was behind a fence. It cost $5 to feed him a chicken - I didn't bother.

And these beautiful animals didn't really need a fence at all. More next week.

Liz Needle

Weekend Reflections from Bali

On our first morning in Bali we had breakfast on the beach and I snapped these pictures. It was a beautiful, serene way to start the day and the breakfast was unbelievable.

 This one is my favourite of the three.

And this one of the bay looking into the sun.

Liz Needle