Thursday, July 16, 2009

This and That

Weeks later, I am back on my blog. So much for good intentions. I just don't seem to have much to say - at least not on the blog. LOL.

Diet update. Still going well. I have lost 7 kgs and Don has lost 12kgs. I am nearly down to where I want to be. Don has another 12 or so to go, but we are feeling optimistic. The weight loss has certainly made a difference healthwise for him. The sleeping is so much better and he is feeling a lot better. One day we'll do before and after pictures!!

The weather this winter has been very cold and WET!!! Lovely to have the desperately needed rain - but, I am over rain!! We have reached saturation point and now all the water does is lie around and make puddles and quagmires. With the weather as it has been, the native birds are finding it hard going to find food, so I have been putting seed out on the lawn. We have always had rosellas, galahs, doves, finches and magpies coming down to feed, but this year we have had loads of lorikeets as well. Up to 30 of them at a time on the lawn. They are such glorious colours.

Ollie loves the birds - well, he loves to chase them. So far he hasn't got within metres of them, but we'll have to keep a watch on this. He has much more hope with the rabbits that are beginning to be a nuisance around here. We must have a dozen or so living in the back garden. Last week Mark was in his room out the back and a fox wandered past his door and stopped to peer inside. Probably attracted by the smell of food as well as the local rabbit population.

Ollie checking out another interesting smell