Saturday, May 17, 2008

My creations

My creations
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I have been really busy lately trying to get myself organised to start a new term. However in the holidays I did find some time for sewing, including making a number of ATCs for swaps.

I find these really enjoyable and relaxing, though I think a number of my friends think they are a waste of time. Not being a terribly creative type, I find myself quite challenged by these little cards and am always quite proud of myself when I come up with an idea. Mine are not the beautiful 'art' type cards, but I like my pictorial ones and especially the quirky ones.

Wonder what everyone else is doing on their Blogs. Must go have a peek.


I did also finish a quilt top - my Civil War BOM in the hols - photo next time and am about to put the borders on the Jane Sassaman one, so I was fairly productive - for me!