Thursday, February 28, 2013

He's Back

Our friendly koala comes and goes, staying for a day or two then disappearing for a time - over a week this last time. Our neighbour who keeps an eye out reported that he was on the ground under a nearby tree, so I went to check it out.

Sure enough there he was - our big boy Kenneth. He wasn't in a hurry to get up his tree, so I snapped him quickly.

He did start to climb, but very slowly and seemed to be struggling. I thought he might have been hurt, but there was nothing obvious. We have had very dry, hot days and koalas have been looking for water, which they don't usually need as they get most of their liquid needs from the eucalypt leaves. In some areas they have come onto patios and verandas looking for water and one was even caught with his head in a toile where the door had been left open.

I filled a bowl with water and took it back to find that he had gone further up the tree.

He seemed happy enough but I left the water bowl just in case. This morning he was gone, but he had come across the road into our place during the night as he had left a little pile of pellets near our gateway.  Thanks Kenneth!

Someone asked how I can tell it's Kenneth. Have a look just below his nostrils - there is a pink and black speckled area. Our other visitors haven't had this, so that's how I identify him - plus his size, he is quite a big fellow.

Liz Needle

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Reflections 1

I am having such fun with these photo memes. I seem to be spending all my time chasing photos - much to the disgust of my dog who is constantly sulking at the perceived lack of attention.

Today I decided to look for a contibution to Weekend Reflections - not as easy as I thought it would be. Finally found this shot of a watercourse taken  somewhere in NSW on a family holiday. It was scanned from one of those old fashioned snap shots that we don't use any more. LOL!. Hope it meets the requirements.

Liz Needle

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sepia Saturday 1 - Who Are They?

I have joined a photo meme called Sepia Saturday and this is my first contribution. I have several old photo albums that belonged to my two old spinster aunts. They were well known teachers and scholars in Adelaide and seemed to have a passion for collecting photos. Many of them were of former students, but these are two of the family photos I found. Who?  I have no idea. As far as I can ascertain they are not any of my family. All I know is that they were taken in Adelaide and are most likely to be local families.

Such a prim looking mama with a very odd looking lace bonnet. The lace trimmed apron that the baby is wearing is very sweet.

A different family but a very attractive one. As my aunts were of German origin and their friends were mainly from a similar background, I would guess that these little blondes were from a German family.

Wouldn't it be amazing if one of my visitors recognised these old family portraits.

Liz Needle

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fences

Yesterday Don and I decided to go for a drive through our local area to look for photos for Friday's Fences. I snapped away happily and will be able to fill my page for a few Fridays to come if nothing better pops up.

The photo below is of the Herbig Family tree, but there is a fence there too. Below there is some official info about this old tree.

The Herbig Family Tree is a large, hollow red gum tree at Springton. It is estimated to be 300 to 500 years old with a diameter of seven metres at its base and a height of 24 metres. A small stream runs nearby.

The tree was the first Australian home of 27 year old Friedrich Herbig who arrived in South Australia in 1855. In 1858 he married 18 year old Caroline Rattey and took her to live in the tree home. The first two of their 16 children were born there. In 1860 he built a two roomed pine and pug hut nearby, and as his family increased, built a stone cottage adjacent to the hut.

Liz Needle

Skywatch Friday

This week's photos were taken last week just on dark after a shower of rain.

 This was taken first looking towards the wesrt where the colour was more intense

More towards the south. This is my favourite.

The sun is almost gone, but I love the last glimpse of the pinks.

Liz Needle 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


 The letter this week is "T" and the topics are


here is my contribution - only a day late.

                                The TINY TERRIER 

was TERRIFIED of the Terrible THUNDER

so we Treated him to a TASTY  TEA

and let him Tumble in a Tangle of THREADS.


Liz Needle

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skywatch Friday

Taken one evening in November. The first photo is as it all happebned, the second photo I lightened in Photoshop. I preferthe more dramatic look of the original photo.

Liz Needle

Fridays Fences 5

My fence this week come from an old shearing shed on a pastoral property in the north of South Australia.

In its heyday this shed would have been able to cater for the shearing of around 5000 sheep. Now it is used for the occasional wedding or local function.

Now being used as a beautiful luxury accommodation, the property, North Bundaleer Station , has a long history in the annals of the South Australian Pastoral industry. The property was established in 1841, just 5 years after SA was colonised. The current homestead was completed around 1900, but by the late 1900s had fallen into disrepair, largely because restoration was such a huge prospect. Fortunately the current owners - Marianne and Malcolm Booth -  had the finances and the foresight to undertake what became an enormous restoration project and the property has been meticulously returned to its former glory. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful weekend there  - a 70th birthday gift from our children.

North Bundaleer before restoration.

And now. Gardens not yet completed.

Dining Room

Drawing Room

The bedroom we slept in.
If you are interested, check out the link above.

Liz Needle

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's it all about, Alfie?

A new member of the family joined us on Thursday. We have been worried about Ollie fretting, so we have been looking around for a suitable companion to replace old Jeb.

After a near disaster trying to buy a puppy online - I am pretty sure it was a narrow escape from a scam - we found a pup advertised in a local paper. Surprisingly the breeders lived less than a kilometre away - probably not surprising in a large town, but quite a coincidence in a town as small as Lenswood - like we have one shop/post office, a church, a Cold Store, a Bowling Club, a CFS unit and not much more.

So a ltlle black scrap of fluff has joined us. So cute. His dad is a rough haired Jack Russell and his mother a Jack Russell and Chihuahua cross. This little fellow looks more Chihuahua than JR, but I am sure he will be bigger as both parents are JR size.

But Ollie does not like him one little bit!!!!  After two days he is just putting up with the puppy as long as it does not get too close to me. I have no doubt the pup will win him over, but Ollie is not giving in gracefully.

We had a real time of it choosing a name, even with the help of my Facebook friends, but eventually Don decided on Alfie or Alfonzo for formal occasions.

Loves sleeping on Don's boot

So cute!

Read more about Ollie and Alfie on Ollie's blog.

Liz Needle

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Fridays Fences 4

This week my photo should cover Fridays Fences and Skywatch Friday.  It was taken about a month ago across one of our paddocks at about 7.00pm.

As with a lot of farms, the old farmers didn't always remove their old fences when they put up a new one. When we moved onto this 10 acre property just over 40 years ago, every fence was a multiple one. Gradually we have replaced them and have tried to remove all the old fencing wire - often buried in the long grass and soil.

This fence is one of the few remaining multiple fences and even so we have removed a couple of the much older runs of fencing wire.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Scatterdays "Q"

A difficult letter this week - caused me to think deeply. Thought of lots of things, but nothing that I could photograph easily. Finally made some decisions - hope you think them appropriate.

The topics  are:  a plant;  night time;  healthy;   something quick from my sewing room.

A plant 
             My Quince tree came to mind. This year we have our best crop ever and I am determined to get more than the birds, so have bought a net to put over the tree. I love quince trees at all stages. Gorgeous green, beautiful blossom, delicious golden fruit and striking autumn leaves.

Night time - what better than a cosy Quilt on the bed. This pretty Dresden Plate was the result of a birthday swap at a local quilt group - Woodpatch Quilters. I love this one.

Something quick from the sewing room - what could be quicker or more useful than the Quick Unpick.  As you can see I have at least 3 of them just to be on the safe side. I'm sure there are a few more lying around in unlikely places too.

Healthy had me stumped for a while, but I settled on the Quality of life in this Quiet serene spot in which we live.

Liz Needle

Friday Fences 4

Oh dear. Friday again. Where has the last week gone?

This week's fence is a rather pretty picket fence with roses that I saw on my way home the other day. The old house is  made of blue stone which was very popular in Adelaide and the Hills  in the 1800s.

The iron roof is typically Australian as is the veranda which goes all the way around the house and gives protection from out hot summers.