Sunday, October 04, 2009


Rather the holiday from Hell - well, so far anyhow.

It began when I woke up on the last day of the term with a lousy sore throat, a stuffed up nose and a headache. Any other day I would have turned over and gone back to sleep , but being the last day, I just had to go to school!

I struggled through the day, my voice gradually becoming croakier and croakier. Just my luck!! As soon as the holidays arrive, I get sick! How often does this happen to teachers???

My worst fears were realised over the next few days as my cold developed into a humdinger. All my good intentions about getting so much done duringthe break, went out the window as I sat by the fire and wallowed in misery. The weather did its best to cooperate - it was just too darn cold and miserable to do anything outside - and I was just too cold and miserable to do anything inside.

At the end of the first week it dried up a little and we were able to get a little done in the way of weeding. I also managed to pass my rotten cold on to Don, so we were able to be miserable together. I am hoping that the second week is better than the first as I am off to Sydney on Wednesday to see my girls - cold or no cold.

I did take a few more shots of the garden - please excuse the weeds and uncut lawns. We need some warm, dry weather.

This crab apple is lovely, but just check out the state of the 'lawn' under it.

More flowering apples - and a whole lot of weeds too.

My hellebores have been amazing this year - and after no summer watering.

This is a beautiful camellia. So simple and elegant.

This one on the other hand is rich and gorgeous

And my favourite flowering tree. Hmm. Didn't notice the car.

And from the other side. We're actually a 3 car family, but I couldn't fit them all in. VBG.