Saturday, November 15, 2008

Old Photos

We were chatting by email about old photos yesterday, so I went searching. I have hardly any photos of myself before I was about 10 - they've been lost somewhere along the way. But I did find some facscinating ones of my husband Don and his family, so I though I would share some of them.

Don's mother and grandmother and their dog.

Don's father and his
twin brother

Don, his mother, grandmother, a family friend, older brother and twin brothers

Don and his 4 younger brothers

I'll have to go searching for photos of me now. Heaven only knows where the few we had have got to.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A friend recently sent a photo by email showing her son holding the most glorious armful of Waratah blooms. Quite breathtaking, but also heartbreaking. Why?

I'll show you my waratah - a prized possession carefully nurtured over 10 years and bringing joy to many over that time. They are a relatively rare species here in South Australia and many passers-by stop to admire this specimen - or they did!!!

This was our lovely Waratah 2 years ago. The Community bus used to drive along our road just so the old folk could see it.

This is it now. It was the first our our shrubs - and the most heartbreaking - to succumb to the drought.

There will be others this year. Already, despite a fair winter, some of the plants are looking less robust than usual. I guess sights like this one will be come more and more common in gardens as the water restrictions hit home. With over 2 acres of garden, my allotted 3 hours of hand watering doesn't go far.
We're going to learn the hard way what plants are going to be most suitable for South Australian gardens!!