Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sepia Saturday 559 - NUMBERS 1

 Numbers at last!!  I love numbers and in my family history there seem to be so many interesting ones, so let's see what I can do with NUMBER 4.

My husband Don was one of 6 boys, but at one stage there were only 4 of them. This photo always amuses me. They were obviously told to stand up straight, fold their arms and smile at the camera. The two in the middle are twins - more about them next week.

And here we have the four younger ones.  The twins are the bigger ones this time. You'll have to wait until Number 6 to see the whole lot together.

The four older ones again all dressed up in their Sunday best and off to the zoo.

Here we have 4 generations of Don's family. Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and his eldest brother Fred - the first grandchild.

Not to forget my side of the family. My three great Aunts Agnes, Ida and Laura again with the first grandchild. This was taken sometime in 1894. The baby, Ernst, was born in February of that year.

I have published this one before, but I love it. The four oldest children in my mother's family of 9 children. My mother is on the right. This must have been taken around 1910. The cottage was built for my great grandparents on their marriage in the 1860s and stayed in the family until 2000 when my mother sold it to move into a nursing home. I lived there in the fifties as a teenager.

Four Likely Lads looking for a bit of fun.  My husband (on right), his brother and two friends - taken, I think at someone's 21st around 1957

Me with three of my Teachers College mates, hamming it up for the camera. I think I must have fancied myself as a bit of a blonde bombshell judging by the pose.

Here am I with my three beautiful bridesmaids Lia, Kate and Chris.

A not very good shot of Don and I with our two daughters - when we were still four in the family.

Finally, because this must be getting a bit boring, Four generations of my family - great grandmother (my lovely mother Laura), myself, my youngest daughter, Mandy and out first grandchild, the adorable Niamh. My mother was 96 in this shot.

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  1. What I LOVE about the boys with folded arms is how neatly pressed their shorts were! In all those photos, those boys had such beautiful smiles. I know they were well-behaved and never gave their mother a minute of trouble. Right?

  2. What a fabulous walk through your family history. I love the hairstyles in the first photo -- which become a bit tousled in the second, yet stay consistent in the Sunday Best photo. My favorite of your side's photos is your great aunts with the first grandchild which is echoed in your last group photo with your first grandchild. Great selections to match this week's prompt.

  3. Wendy beat me in commenting on those pressed shorts! I'll look forward to more of those six boys. I'm glad you included the last photo. Of course, we are always fond of seeing babies, but it is also nice to put a face with our fellow bloggers.

  4. Well done! Lots of handsome and pretty faces. Your last quartet is the best!

  5. A wonderful collection of family collection - my favourite is the first foursome, with their happy smiles.

  6. You did a bang-up job of meeting the 4 in a photo meme! Loved seeing the 4 generations photos best!