Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photo a Day 172 - The Mall's Balls

This week's "Weekend Reflections" takes us to one of the most iconic spots in Adelaide  -  The Mall's Balls. This sculpture by Bert Flugelman was commissioned in 1977 by the Hindmarsh Building Society, then subsequently donated to the City of Adelaide to mark the centenary of the building society.

The piece of art now resides in Rundle Mall,  the centre of Adelaide's shopping strip. It has become perhaps the best known landmark in Adelaide and certainly the most recognised. It is our most popular meeting place - "Meet you at The Balls" -  a site for buskers and preachers, a photographic dream - who hasn't posed in front of the Balls", a tourist attraction and the one thing everyone loves to touch and children love to pose in front of  - like the magic mirrors in fun parlours.

A few years ago the Council proposed to move "The Balls' to a less prominent place and the public outcry was enormous. Adlaideans love their "Balls".

It is also wonderfully reflective as you can see here.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Weekend Reflections".


  1. I'm glad to know the most attractive place from Adelaide. Interesting sculpture, very good for many reflections!

  2. Wow, I see why they have such a public draw.

  3. What a cool sculpture I am glad people liked it enough to stop them moving it