Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catching up

May already and it is ages since I blogged - and after all my promises. Still, by this time I imagine I am the only one still reading my blog!!

We have had an eventful few months with Don's heart problems flaring up until last Wednesday he went in for another Ablation procedure. 9 Hours on the operating table! The doctors are fairly confdent that the procedure was a success this time, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. He's pretty miserable at the moment as his heart took a fair beating and there has been a lot of pain. He floated around on morphine for a few days until I pointed out that I wasn't working to keep up his habit. LOL!!

Autumn in the garden. How I love this season. I was a bit late with photos this year, but this old persimmon is a favourite.

Thanks to Mark's enthusiasm we were able to grow most of our own vegies this summer - and supply the restaurant as well. Nothing like home grown produce.

And an update on the antics of young Ollie!! As cute as he is, he is also very naughty!! His latest escapade was to find a half bag of potting mix which he proceeded to spread all over the patio.

Still I guess that was better than the bag of flour I rescued in the pantry!!