Monday, November 30, 2015

Photo a Day 189 - More Murals

I found this week's mural in the east end of Rundle Street, an area where there are many cafes, boutiques, pubs and is generally buzzing with life. I had to shoot the mural in 2 sections as once again, it was in a narrow alley. It's also another blue mural. I do like the blue with the mellow red bricks of this old building

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Photo a Day 188 - In the Garden

Not much flowering in the garden at the moment. The spring flush is over and I am madly trying to catch up with weeds, lawn edges, dried off bulbs and irises, rose dead heads etc etc. Need to have it tidied  up  for Christmas - and then there's the veggie garden. Life is never dull in a garden.

There are a few things coming on. The Salvias are looking rather nice, the Fuchsias are in flower and some of the natives are either in flower or about to bloom. A walk around the garden revealed these flowers.

This is another variety of Fuchsia with tiny flowers.

This pretty flower is an Australian native  -  Indigofera

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Photo a day 187 -- Sepia Saturday

Well, I for one, am quite glad that we are repeating the theme this week.  Having been very neglectful of this great meme for some time, I got all enthusiastic last week and found some photos  -  then I forgot to do my post until Tuesday, which was a bit late.

Very pleased to see that I could use my finds this week instead.

Most of the children playing photos seem to feature mainly boys, so I went looking for some 'girl' type shots.  This one I found seemed fairly typical of little girls of the forties and fifties  -

and sure enough, when I went through my own family photos I came across these , taken in the early sixties. I hope my daughters don't look at my blog this week.

Mind you, this was a fairly rare photo - first because they do not appear to be fighting and secondly because neither of them was particularly interested in dolls and girlie things.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Photo a Day 186 - Good Fences

Saw this very colourful fence outside a local Day Care centre.  Found it rather cheerful.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo a Day 185 - Birds in the Garden

Why is it that whenever the birds in the garden are posing and looking cute and I go inside for my camera, they disappear before I come out. Murphy's Law I guess.  This time I took the camera with me when I went gardening.

This little New Holland Honeyeater was perched in a bush after his swim in the birdbath.

This Willy Wagtail has just enjoyed a dip.

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Photo a Day 184 - Ruby Tuesday

Running a little late this week, but here is my contribution to Ruby Tuesday  -  an Australian bottlebrush  a variety of callistemon.

And a favourite rose  -  Shady Lady.  Probably more pink than ruby, but still pretty.

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Photo a Day 183 - Our World Tuesday

This old farm caught my eye today as I drove by. I took a few shots in colour, then decided that it might also look good in B&W. What do you think?

And I was even more fascinated when I looked through the door of the old cottage and found old signs of habitation.

I wonder how long since anyone has lived here.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Photo a Day 182 - Roses

Two rather lovely roses today to fit the memes "Monday Mellow Yellows" and "Macro Monday".  Enjoy.

This one from my garden.

And this one from a little gift shop.

And another for Macro Monday.  A pretty pink Hollyhock.

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Photo A Day 181 - Sydney Murals

Another mural from Sydney. I am glad that my visitors are enjoy
ing and commenting on them.

This is another of the murals from the little lane that was full of them. Unfortunately it is difficult to get a decent shot as the lanes are so narrow. The little guy with the red hair is Ginger Meggs a very famour Australian comic strip character from way back.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photo a Day 180 - Weekend Reflections

This shot rather appealed to me as there are so many reflections involved.  I'm not sure that the two ladies involved liked having their photos taken.

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Photo a Day 179 - Hollyhocks

Yesterday when I visited the Prospect Community Garden. the Hollyhocks in the children's garden took me back 70 years to when my dad, a keen gardener encouraged me to plant my own little garden. 

Not that I needed much encouragement - I think gardening is in my blood and always has been. I wonder can you inherit gardening genes? If so my cousins and I have a head start.  Our Great Grandfather, E.B. Heyne was a botanist and horticulturalist, emigrating from Germany in around 1851 and arriving in Melbourne.  There he was employed by Baron Ferdinand von Mueller as head plantsman to the newly established Melbourne Botanical Gardens. As von Mueller's secretary, he accompanied him on many plant collecting expeditions and had new plants named after him.

He moved to Adelaide in 1868 and established a plant nursery at Norwood, also opening the first seed and plant shop in Adelaide.

 He wrote one of the first gardening books  published in South Australia, was secretary of the Vignerons Club and wrote and published numerous horticultural and viticultural articles.

His son Carl followed in his footsteps with a seed and florist shop in the city, then a nursery at Norwood. He also wrote for the weekend paper under the pseudonym "Grevillea".  Sadly during WW1, my grandfather was interned because he had a German name and he had to give up his partnership in the shop which caused huge hardship as he had 8 children to feed.
C.F.  (Carl Franz) Heyne

 The nursery was enlarged by Carl's son, my Uncle Wally and is now owned and managed by Wally's son Roger and his son.

So many generations of gardeners, is it any wonder that I love gardening. Add to this my father - an Englishman with a love of gardening who worked for my grandfather as a landscape gardener in the thirties.

See what has happened. I have got carried away and forgotten what I originally intended to show you  -  Hollyhocks!!

And my favourite

I love the single hollyhock so much more simple in form than the double with all its frills.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Photo a Day 178 - Good Fences

Spent a very pleasant afternoon lunching with friends in the Prospect Community Garden. This garden is a community affair and is operated and maintained by residents of the Adelaide suburb of Prospect. They have received a number of grants to set up the garden and raise funds to keep it going.

These delightful gates were designed  by local artist Cathy Brooks and erected by garden members.

And beyond the gates. Please excuse the dark corners I think I had my lens thingo on the wrong way.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photo a Dy 177 - Flowering Apples

These lovely trees have finished flowering now, but they were a picture this spring.

And one for the experts. I'm hoping someone knows which prunus this one is. I have taken it to a number of nurserymen and no-one has seen it before.  The bush was in  our garden before we moved in 44 years ago, so it is certainly not a new variety. The flowers are fluffy doubles and grow along the branches in the second year. It is about 5 feet tall.

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Photo a Day 176 - Ducks

Ducks seem to pop up everywhere. These two were plaing in a pool and fountain right in the centre of the city, quite unfazed by the traffic and people around them.

The Pacific Black Duck is common in parks and in the wild. On occasions in the city a female and her babies have been given police escort through traffic to enable them to get to a safe haven.

And seen here in a more rural setting a mother and babies.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Photo a Day 175 - Water lily

On a recent visit to the Botanic Gardens I found this pretty water lily which seemed to suit "Monday Mellow Yellows".

And also "Macro Monday".

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Photo a Day 174 - Monday Mural

Another of my Sydney murals. At this rate I'll get to the end of the year before I need to stat snapping again.

This is a fun one - very colourful  and amusing.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photo a Day 173 - Scavenger Hunt

Some angst over this week's topics, but I finally got there - I think.


The shadehouse at my cousin's nursery.  Many generations of Heynes have run this nursery. My grandfather would never recognise this now.


My Jack Russell watching TV with his stubby of beer by his side - a typical Aussie bloke.  Our vet was so taken with this thathe has it in his Wall of Fame. Ollie is fascinated by TV, especially wildlife shows.


My cousin's daughter runs this cute little shop in Regents Arcade, Adelaide and she is stocking up with lots of new stuff for Christmas.


 Not to be outdone, our other little man agreed reluctantly to pose with a scarf. "Not my usual fashion statement, though I must say red kinda suits my colouring."


Back to the old family nursery. I remember this old glasshouse from when I was a kid 70 years ago.

Still going and still housing Cacti.

I hope you enjoyed my Scavenger Hunt interpretation.

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