Monday, November 02, 2015

Photo a Day 154 - Sydney Murals

I was spoilt for choice on my recent holiday in Sydney. Street art and murals everywhere. We visited one nearby lane where every wall was covered with huge murals. Apparently the old buildings are due for demolishment sometime in the near future so the artists have been given free rein.

I have enough material for Monday Murals to last me for quite a few weeks.

The biggest problem shooting images in Sydney is that parking space is at a premium, so you rarely find a wall without a vehicle parked in front of it  -  or a road sign for that matter.

This mural was so very purple.

Liz Needle   -   linking with "Monday Mural"


  1. Nice colors. Lucky you to have a choice. I really struggle here in Coventry :).

  2. You take them as you find them!

  3. These are so different...and Tom is right...we have to take them as we find them. However, it would be nice to find them the way we want every now and then.

  4. I do love that shade of purple! I'm glad you showed us the "bigger picture" (even with the car and signs), I wouldn't have known what those first pieces were otherwise.

  5. How wonderful to find a place with so many murals!

  6. Interesting work. I like the style and the colour scheme too.
    I'm looking forward to the pics of the other murals you found in Sydney.
    Have a nice week, Liz. :)