Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Evening in the Garden

We have been having hot days but beautiful evenings lately and if we spray ourselves to keep the mozzies away, we are able to sit on the veranda and watch the bids having a last drink and feed before settling for the night.

A small group of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flies over about the same time each afternoon, but yesterday they decided to visit a while right at the top of our Copper Beech tree.  For once I had my camera on hand and was able to get these rather fuzzy photos. While the beautiful cockatoos are moderately common, I always get a thrill when they stop by.

That particular evening we also had a visit from a white-browed scrubwren. Again fairly common, but rather secretive so we don't often see them in the pen. Luckily they love our bird baths.

An Adelaide Rosella stopped by for a while and surveyed us from the top of the Dogwood

And now the Agapanthas are flowering, the new Holland Honey-eaters are very busy taking nectar.

Thank you for visiting my garden and the birds that frequent it.  As I sit here at my computer, I can hear that it is raining outside. Hopefully it will be slow and steady all night.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Discovering Adelaide 2 - The Adelaide Central Market

One of my favourite places to shop - or even just to visit - is the Central Market, just off Victoria Square, right in the centre of Adelaide. It is so full of life and colour, so vibrant and busy. I love taking visitors there - it is a real tourist attraction, perhaps not advertised enough.

As a child, I can remember going to the market with my parents and brother nearly every Friday evening. We would catch the Glenelg tram from where we lived at Glandore and the tram would take us into Victoria Square which was then the end of the line.

Hanging on very tightly to either Mum or Dad, we would savour the excitement of the market, stocking up on fruit, vegetables, meat, smallgoods, fish  etc for the coming week. We were allowed to buy a small bag of sweets each from a marvellous lolly stall - now sadly gone. My favourite were the little brown fish, tasting of cinnamon from memory.  Dad would always by a stick of mettwurst from "Pauls" stall while Mum delighted in the freshly roasted peanuts from Ditters - oh that smell!


I can remember one night, going home in the tram laden with bags of food, including a dozen farm fresh eggs. As the tram crossed South Road, we were hit by a truck inches from where we were sitting along the long bench in the front of the tram. We finished in a heap in the front section behind the driver - quite unharmed except for a small cut on my dad's head. All Mum could think about were her unbroken eggs.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Flowers

This week I am featuring a few of the Australian native flowers that I have photographed recently. Our native flowers are unique and unlike plants from anywhere else in the world, due to the isolation of Australia over tens of thousand years

Some of the banksias.

A pretty bottlebrush - possibly a Melaleuca  nematophylla

And these are Callistemons

I love the colour of this callistemon

This is, I think a Dryandra

I have no idea what this is. One of the Grevilleas perhaps?  Very tall - the flowers spikes stood about 9 feet in the air above the needle like leaves of the parent shrub. This one I found in the Cranbourne gardens in Melbourne - no name that I could find.

This is definitely a Grevillea.

A little taste of Australia for you to enjoy.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Discovering Adelaide 1 - How Green is our City

I had occasion to go into Adelaide on business yesterday(something I avoid unless absolutely necessary) and having paid for an hour at the parking meter, I found myself with a half hour to go. I was in a business area - towering(for Adelaide) office blocks, reflective glass, concrete, traffic, car parks etc, so I was more than pleasantly pleased to discover this hidden area in the midst of the tall towers.

Made me realise how little I really know my home city and how long it has been since I have actually walked around beyond the central shopping area.

What a pleasant place to sit and relax or have lunch. It is so good to see that areas like this are being planned in conjunction with new buildings.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Garden Visitor

For a week or so my husband - who spends a lot of his time relaxing on the front veranda - has been telling me that he has seen a new pair of Honeyeaters in the garden. Unfortunately never when I am there with him. Funny, but as soon as I turn up with my camera, the birds seem to go off and hide.

Several days ago I installed a Christmas present in the front garden - a lovely red ceramic bird bath. I have just cleared, weeded and replanted this part of the garden and I was doubtful if the birds would use the bird bath as it is quite exposed. To my delight, while I was sitting admiring my handiwork, the Honeyeaters appeared and used the bird bath. hardly daring to believe it, I crept in, collected the camera and crept out again

Snap!! Got one. Not a very clear shot as I had a long zoom setting on and was in a bit of a hurry before the little fellow disappeared, but clear enough to identify a Yellow-faced Honeyeater - the first I have seen in the garden.

These birds are quite common, but migratory, breeding in southern forests in Spring, then moving north in Autumn to northern NSW and SE Queensland. Our area of orchards and vineyards doesn't see them very often.

And to add some humour to the excitement, I was able to capture this little Fairy-wren having a tug-of-war with a worm.

In this shot below it looks as if the worm is fighting back and the wren is really struggling to pull it up.

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Our World Tuesday - Sculpture Outdoors

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery is situated in Langwarrin, Melbourne and it was one of the very interesting places we visited on a recent trip to Melbourne. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to explore properly nor to visit the gallery. Next time hopefully.

We spent a couple of hours wandering through the grounds - some formal lawn areas and some natural scrub.

 It was really a lot of fun following narrow bush tracks and coming to a clearing with a large piece of sculpture, exploring the artwork than moving off in another direction to find the next hidden treasure.
We even found Dame Nellie Melba singing her heart out.

Some of them were quite difficult to understand.

Others were pretty obvious..

This one made the most amazing and melodious sounds - partly recorded music and partly caused by people's movements - air currents?

And who could forget the Three Wise Monkeys.

I would certainly recommend this spot for an interesting and enjoyable afternoon out. Great for the kids, or for just strolling alone or with friends.

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