Saturday, April 25, 2015

Photo a Day 85 - Friday's Flowers

I am never short of flower photos to publish - the hard part is to decide what to use and whether other people want to look at them.

The Japanese windflowers   -  Anemone hupehensis  -  have been  pretty this year although somewhat affected by the lack of summer rain. The display has not been as good as in past years, but they have still added a delicate colour to the Autumn garden.

We have mainly the ordinary variety although there are a number of named varieties and hybrids these days, including the double dark pink variety below.

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Photo a Day 84 - So green

Some more green from my garden.  I love the different shades of green we get and they blend so well together. And when we add a little white to the picture, the green come alive.

Sadly the willows have gone. I say sadly because although they are so pretty, they are also regarded as a pest along our creeks  and waterways, pushing out the native vegetation and creating problems with snags and traps when they lose branches into the waterways. Unfortnately as they get older, they become very susceptible to winds, especially up here in the hills. They look lovely here, but they started breaking and falling and in the end we decided to remove them all. We have planted native trees in their stead.

The arum lilies can also become a problem as they multiply rapidly in the right conditions, but they are so attractive like this.

And then...............................

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photo a day 83 - Our World Tuesday

Here is another old place in the area. This one is just down the road and some years ago was used in a movie by the South Australian Film Corporation. Howver, I have no idea what the movie was and the house has fallen more and more into disrepair as the years go by.

Interestingly, the film company called in to see us, wanting to borrow one of our goats for the movie. Had to refuse them as it would have required one of us being there to care for the goat and we were both working full time and could not get time off. Pity, it might have been the beginning of a career as an animal trainer for films!!!

I think the original building was the middle part where the stone chimneys are. That part would have been local stone. The wooden building on the right was probably added later. The existing solid stone building was probably a barn or stable. Not sure as it has no real windows, just that one round one.

I keep meaning to ask the neighbours whether they have any information on the history of the place, but never think of it when I see them..  Must do it soon!! Not enough is recorded abou these old buildings in this area and I am not sure how to go about finding what may be on record.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo a Day 82 - Mellow Yellow

The Autumn colours are almost done after a week of rain and winds. Luckily I captured this lovely tree before the rains. 

It is a Liriodendron tulipifera or Tulip Tree and one of my favourite trees. It's an almost perfect tree for the garden - attractive broadly conical/columnar shaped tree with glossy dark green leaves and wonderful gold autumn colour, with beautiful, unusual green flowers in Spring. Perhaps the only negative are the leaves on the lawn, but it is easy enough to rake them straight onto the rose garden

The initial colour is a clear lemon yellow which darkens as Autmn settles in.

These unusual flowers are often difficult to see as they blend in with the foliage.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photo a Day 81 - Critters

I haven't posted to this meme for a while, but I am on a roll at the moment - maybe because the weather is too wet to get out into the garden.

Some of my favourite critters are our dogs - Jack Russell terriers in the main. They are especially cute when they are puppies. Here are some of the litters we have had over the last 30 or so years.

What a handful!!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo a Day 80 - A new "Green" meme

I just love it when I find a new photo meme, especially when it also links with my gardening passion. I was delighted today when, thanks to "Tom the Backroads Traveller", I discovered "Friday Greens".  Wow!  Another time waster.

I love this shot of the simple but elegant white foxglove against the different greens of the foliage.

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Photo a Day 79 - Floral Friday

Autumn has arrived and with it the off and on weather we get in Autumn. The trees are showing their beautiful colours  and the summer flowers are fading.  Winter is on the way and soon the bulbs will be pushing through  and lighting up the winter landscape.

One of the last roses in the garden.

And here a bee makes the most of the last warm days of Autumn.

Salvia varieties almost finished with their flowering.

It really is Autumn when the persimmon takes on its glorious colour.

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Photo a Day 78 - Good Fences

A bit late on this one, but I'm not finding too many interesting fences lately.

This is one of the entrances to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It's not as impressive as the front gates, but much easier to access and get a traffic free photo. Our Botanic Gardens are really lovely and they bring back so many memories of picnics when I was a kid.
I remember every school holidays my mother and some of her friends and their children would meet in the same spot in the gardens for a picnic. There used to be a long paddling pool for the kids to play in, but sadly this has been filled in for health and safety reasons.

I didn't take many photos as this was a very quick trip to buy some plants, but I must go back and spend a day with my camera capturing some of the beauty of our botanic gardens. No more fences, just a few trees.

I just love these old Morten Bay fig trees. They are so interesting to look at.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photo a day 77 - Outdoor Wednesday and Rubbish Tuesday

I haven't been able to post on Rubbish Tuesday for a few weeks. Not sure if it was me or the website, but it seems to be up and running again.

My shot today is of an old oil powered engine which I found in a small settlement in the far north of South Australia while on a school trip.

The plate on the engine gives a little more detail. I am assuming that this machine was brought out from England. I remember my brother having an electric Hornsby train set when he was little and that was certainly made in England. Wikipedia gives more information about the Hornsby oil engine.

Further research produced this photo of a Hornsby oil engine, now residing in the Victorian Museum.  It does look very similar to the one I found, although in somewhat better condition.

Oil Engine - Hornsby Ackroyd

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Photo a Day 76 - Our World Tuesday

I have discovered a new meme - and one very close to my heart. It is called NF Trees and Bushes and it is for photos of trees and bushes as the title suggests.  I rather like the logo.

I walked around the garden today rejoicing in the fact that Autumn has arrived with a flourish.  I know that means Winter is around the corner, but with Winter come the bulbs and the camellias - both favourites of mine.

Meanwhile please share some of my Autumn with me.

This one below is actually leading to the property across the road from us.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photo a Day 75 - Ruby Tuesday

Browsing through my photos and I came acroos these two which were taken a couple of years ago when our scruffy dog Alfie was a pup. He is certainly part of our world  on any day of the week and this shot also fits the Ruby Tuesday meme.

 The mess that he is playing with used to be a ball of wool before he raided my sewing room. By the time I found him it was too late for a rescue, so I settled for a picture shoot and a good laugh.

Now he is a grown up, but no less mischievous fellow.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Photo a Day 74 - Mellow Yellow all around

I love Autumn in the hills. Although our autumn colours cannot rival those in the northerm hemisphere, we have some lovely gardens displaying the autumn colours.

Around this area at the moment, the grape vines are ablaze with gold, turning the hills yellow. This area of the Hills used to be used for apple orchards, which in themselves provided  lovely autumn hues, but with the upsurge in the wine industry, many orchards became vineyards.

 Previously it was thought to be too cold for most grape varieties, but the cold climate varieties that have been planted are producing outstanding wines. Unfortunately too many "would be" wine growers  hopped on the band wagon hoping to cash in on the demand for fine wines and a number of them have fallen by the wayside.

I must find out what that gorgeous flame coloured tree is. Never really noticed it before.

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Photo a Day 73 - End of term!!

End of Term 1 and time to relax. The staff relaxed at our favourite local restaurant and winery - a hidden gem set on a ridge overlooking the Adelaide Hills.  What is not to like about a restaurant with views like this? Very pleasant afternoon sipping beautiful wine, nibbling from the delicious platters and looking at this view.

Unfortunately that's the only shot I can find. I guess I didn't take any more as I can enjoy the view any time I like to drive 5 minutes from home.

The restaurant is called Pike & Joyce and can be found on Croft Road, Lenswood, South Australia.  Well worth a visit if you are in the area - spectacular views, great wines and beautiful food.

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Photo a Day 72 - White Ibis

My post for "Wild Bird Wednesday" shows a group of Australian White Ibis who have made their home in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens in the heart of our busy capital city.  They are superb gardens so the ibis have shown taste in their choice.

The Australian White Ibis are 65-75cm in height with a wing span of 1.25metres. They are usually found near water, particularly swampy areas, but are also at home on farms, in parks and on ovals in towns.

They have also been known to take a more than keen interest in the goldfish in my fishpond!!!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Photo a Day 71

Whew, nearly forgot Tuesday - would like to forget Tueday - a few dramas at work today!!

I saw this  sitting in a paddock on the weekend and thought it would be perfect for all my Tuesday memes - "Ruby Tuesday", "Our World Tuesday" and "Rubbish Tuesday.

It looks in reasonable condition, considering it is parked in a paddock with the cows. These old double decker buses used to run from Adelaide to Glenelg along the Anzac Highway. We lived close to the route, but the Glenelg tram was closer, so usually we rode the tram. But for a treat we were sometimes allowed to walk the extra mile (some treat) and go to the beach on the bus.

The buses have been discontinued for some years now, but they have become collector's items. I believe you can hire a bus for special functions now. Imagine taking your wedding guests on a bus ride to your chosen wedding venue.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Photo a Day 70

Well, I've made it to 70 posts this year, but with a few days missing. Have to see if I can catch up.

These shots are for Monday Mellow Yellows - at this time of the year in the hills, there are yellows everywhere.  Here are a few garden shots

These willows are just down the road in a paddock and they always make such a golden show. I love how the cows have trimmed all the branches  to the same length.

Such a simple flower, but quite exquisite, the daisy has to be one of everyone's favourites.

This is our Medlar tree. We planted it with the hope of making old fashioned medlar jelly, but you have to leave the fruits to go rotten and then they look so disgusting that only the rats will eat them. Still it is a lovely tree, with very pretty white flowers in Spring and a beautiful Autumn yellow.

Check out this link for more Mellow Yellows.

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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Photo a Day 69 - Regrowth

Off my blogging again. This time I have an excuse though. Have been in bed with a very nasty cold/flu - not sure which. Very heavy chest and painful when I cough. I did get up today and pottered around, but am now ready to drop.

Last weekend we went for a drive and checked out the areas where the bushfire had been earlier this year. It still looks devastated, but there are signs of regrowth appearing on the trees. Luckily our Eucalypts have an amazing ability to rise from the ashes.

These are South Australian Blue Gums, so-called for their new blue growth. Their correct name is Eucalyptus leucoxylon.

It is comforting to know that these beautiful trees will grow again and provide a habitat for so many species of wildlife.

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