Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Photo a Day 71

Whew, nearly forgot Tuesday - would like to forget Tueday - a few dramas at work today!!

I saw this  sitting in a paddock on the weekend and thought it would be perfect for all my Tuesday memes - "Ruby Tuesday", "Our World Tuesday" and "Rubbish Tuesday.

It looks in reasonable condition, considering it is parked in a paddock with the cows. These old double decker buses used to run from Adelaide to Glenelg along the Anzac Highway. We lived close to the route, but the Glenelg tram was closer, so usually we rode the tram. But for a treat we were sometimes allowed to walk the extra mile (some treat) and go to the beach on the bus.

The buses have been discontinued for some years now, but they have become collector's items. I believe you can hire a bus for special functions now. Imagine taking your wedding guests on a bus ride to your chosen wedding venue.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Ruby Tuesday",  "Rubbish Tuesday" and "Our World Tuesday".


  1. It's not often you find a double decker bus in a paddock :)


  2. How cool is this bus! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Can't you just imagine having one to play in as a kid? It would be a wonderful thing to have.

  4. Does bring wonderful memories, we have two of these but only one of them was a caravan and only until the children got too embarrassed to come on holiday with us :-) Now beautiful restored and getting a new paint job.