Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photo a day 77 - Outdoor Wednesday and Rubbish Tuesday

I haven't been able to post on Rubbish Tuesday for a few weeks. Not sure if it was me or the website, but it seems to be up and running again.

My shot today is of an old oil powered engine which I found in a small settlement in the far north of South Australia while on a school trip.

The plate on the engine gives a little more detail. I am assuming that this machine was brought out from England. I remember my brother having an electric Hornsby train set when he was little and that was certainly made in England. Wikipedia gives more information about the Hornsby oil engine.

Further research produced this photo of a Hornsby oil engine, now residing in the Victorian Museum.  It does look very similar to the one I found, although in somewhat better condition.

Oil Engine - Hornsby Ackroyd

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Rubbish Tuesday" and "Outdoor Wednesday".


  1. It looks to be in such good is a real beauty!

  2. Hi Liz i restore these oil engines ,i wonder if you would know how to contact the owner ? Cheers Wayne