Monday, April 06, 2015

Photo a Day 70

Well, I've made it to 70 posts this year, but with a few days missing. Have to see if I can catch up.

These shots are for Monday Mellow Yellows - at this time of the year in the hills, there are yellows everywhere.  Here are a few garden shots

These willows are just down the road in a paddock and they always make such a golden show. I love how the cows have trimmed all the branches  to the same length.

Such a simple flower, but quite exquisite, the daisy has to be one of everyone's favourites.

This is our Medlar tree. We planted it with the hope of making old fashioned medlar jelly, but you have to leave the fruits to go rotten and then they look so disgusting that only the rats will eat them. Still it is a lovely tree, with very pretty white flowers in Spring and a beautiful Autumn yellow.

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Liz Needle  -  linking with Monday Mellow Yellows.


  1. Those willows look splendid... so beautifully trimmed by the cows. Autumn is a beautiful time for yellows. It would have to be my favourite season.

  2. Those Willows look perfect with their, "haircut".