Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photo a Day 179 - Hollyhocks

Yesterday when I visited the Prospect Community Garden. the Hollyhocks in the children's garden took me back 70 years to when my dad, a keen gardener encouraged me to plant my own little garden. 

Not that I needed much encouragement - I think gardening is in my blood and always has been. I wonder can you inherit gardening genes? If so my cousins and I have a head start.  Our Great Grandfather, E.B. Heyne was a botanist and horticulturalist, emigrating from Germany in around 1851 and arriving in Melbourne.  There he was employed by Baron Ferdinand von Mueller as head plantsman to the newly established Melbourne Botanical Gardens. As von Mueller's secretary, he accompanied him on many plant collecting expeditions and had new plants named after him.

He moved to Adelaide in 1868 and established a plant nursery at Norwood, also opening the first seed and plant shop in Adelaide.

 He wrote one of the first gardening books  published in South Australia, was secretary of the Vignerons Club and wrote and published numerous horticultural and viticultural articles.

His son Carl followed in his footsteps with a seed and florist shop in the city, then a nursery at Norwood. He also wrote for the weekend paper under the pseudonym "Grevillea".  Sadly during WW1, my grandfather was interned because he had a German name and he had to give up his partnership in the shop which caused huge hardship as he had 8 children to feed.
C.F.  (Carl Franz) Heyne

 The nursery was enlarged by Carl's son, my Uncle Wally and is now owned and managed by Wally's son Roger and his son.

So many generations of gardeners, is it any wonder that I love gardening. Add to this my father - an Englishman with a love of gardening who worked for my grandfather as a landscape gardener in the thirties.

See what has happened. I have got carried away and forgotten what I originally intended to show you  -  Hollyhocks!!

And my favourite

I love the single hollyhock so much more simple in form than the double with all its frills.

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  1. I don't see hollyhocks much anymore...these are beautiful.

  2. They're beautiful! I love the darker one (your favorite).

  3. Yes, they look great :) And you have an interesting family story.

  4. Well, for a start Liz, your hollyhocks are gorgeous and I thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers. I also found the history of your family and their love of gardening very interesting and am happy you shared it with us. Sad about your Grandfather during the war being interned and its subsequent hardship. Is it in the genes this love of gardening? I wouldn't be surprised. My Dad, also an Englishman, had a great love for his flower garden and vegetable patch and tending to it at every opportunity. I love vegetables and flowers so I guess he passed that on :) Have a great week!

  5. Such a nice, good old-fashioned flower! Lovely colours.
    Thanks for participating in the Floral Friday meme.