Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo a Day 43 - That's a Good Fence

I am linking this with Theresa's great photo meme - Good Fences. Do follow the link and visit all the great fences around the world.

Happened to have the camera in hand and caught the boys sneaking down our driveway, obviously with something in mind.

Hmm. What are they up to?  Well, the gate is only meant to keep cattle in.

On the trail of something - most likely rabbits, we have them everywhere. Where are the bunnies boys?

Oh look, fellas, here they are   -  on the front lawn eating my garden.

I have given up on the veggie garden. The dogs only catch rabbits if they are baby ones and can't run  The rabbits ignore my special ultra sonic, strobe light rabbit scarer and we have rabbit holes in every garden bed.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Good Fences"                       


  1. Those 'boys' look like good buddy's and I am sure can get up to mischief at times. Pity about the Rabbits making holes in your garden.

  2. Haha! Looks like the guys have a plan. :)

  3. They look like good buddies :)
    Can't you fence in your veggies with
    chicken wire or so?
    And then you always have a fence
    picture ready - one week carrots,
    the other week cabbage ... :))
    Just kidding...
    Have a fine day

  4. I love the shot of your cute boys, especially sneaking under the gate.. Sorry about the bunnies eating your garden! Great post, have a happy Thursday!

  5. This post made me smile....seeing the little guys scurry under the fence. I must sure have some BIG bunnies around your place!
    Have a wonderful day..

  6. oh, those cute little pups! yeah, my dogs don't really try for squirrels and rabbits much, anymore. they're mellowing as they age. :)

  7. rabbits are nice critters but having them eating your garden don´t sound like fun.

  8. Great tail end of these guys going through the fences. Ha-ha.

  9. Those guys are definitely on a mission. Neat post! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  10. Those rabbits love your food. Pretty cute watching the dogs on an adventure.

  11. Well that was fun. Those dogs looked to be on quite the mission and managed to navigate going under the fence quite well. The bunnies were cute and I laughed about them ignoring the super sonic bunny deterrent. To bad they munch away your garden though.

  12. lol that's too cute.

    I'm sorry the rabbits eat all your garden goodies though

  13. Such cute rabbits! Sorry about your garden!

  14. You have my sympathy. I have the same problem with a veggie garden and now have a little shade house which I keep shut up when I'm not around to scare off the little bunnies. At least they are scared of me, if not the farm dogs. Yours sure are biggies!