Monday, February 02, 2015

Photo a Day 33 - Yellow and Blue

Housed in Birdwood, South Australia, is the Australian National Motor Museum which has the largest collection of vintage vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere.  Each September they hold the "Bay to Birdwood" Classic in which owners of vintage and veteran vehicles can participate. It's a great event and a fun day, so I thought it would fit nicely into Mondays's photo memes  - "Monday Mellow Yellows" and "Blue Monday".

I found two grand mellow yellow cars - one old and bright and the other a little younger and much paler - but this week, both mellow  yellow  -


 Monday Mellow Yellows

I'm sure the car buffs among you will recognise the makes.

And for "Blue Monday", three beauties

Smiling Sally
Toys for Boys

My grand daughters' favourite

My favourite

Liz Needle  -  for more yellow and blue, click on the links in the post.


  1. Hi Liz,

    I love those blue cars!

    Have a Happy 1st Blue Monday!

  2. Oh, wow, I would gladly take any of these, but my favorite is the first blue car!

  3. WOW! Liz I would have loved to see all these old cars.

  4. I'd LOVE to visit this collection!

  5. Great antique autos! I'm not familiar with many of the makes there so it was nice to see them.

  6. Wow! had heart palpitations for the yellow convertable, and the blue's as well. We do love our toys.

  7. Beautiful old cars. I'm with your granddaughter. I would love to drive that cute, little blue car.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  8. Oh my these old cars are so grand! I would love them all! Silly me!