Friday, February 13, 2015

My Floral Friday

My floral offering for this week  are these flower shots from Bali.

First up, this beautiful Bauhinia blossom. The flowers  sit beautifully amid their bright green foliage, looking like delicate orchids. This is one tree I would love to be able to grow in my garden.

Flowers are very significant in Balinese culture and each morning the locals visit the markets to buy fresh flowers and floral tributes to place in their houses to honour their gods.

Here are flowers for sale. Many people make their own floral tributes, but they can also be bought very cheaply from the market. The woman below is making floral arrangements to sell.

Here are the ready made arrangements. You find them hung outside the houses every day. On this particular day there were flowers everywhere as it was a special festival day.

Of course many households grow their own flowers. here are some I caught on film.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Floral Friday Fotos"  and  "Today's Flowers".


  1. Great and beautiful photos!
    And thank you for your kind words.

  2. Beautiful! Bali must be a wonderful place to visit!

  3. This is a lovely post, very interesting photographs and your flowers are gorgeous. Thank you very much for sharing them with Today's Flowers and I wish you a very happy weekend :)

  4. Wow! Beautiful! Happy Valentine,s Day!

  5. Gorgeous flowers! The colours are wonderful.

  6. Wonderful shots, Liz. Bali is wonderful and I've enjoyed both my visits there.
    Thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos, hope to see your new contributions this week.