Sunday, February 01, 2015

Photo a Day 32 - Old Buildings

I have a great fondness for old buildings, particularly the old, quaint  farm buildings you find around the Australian countryside.  They lack the charm of the old buildings I see pictures of from other countries, but to me they hold their own particular appeal.

Most early Australian farm buildings were purely functional. In a country of extremes and distances our settlers used whatever materials they had at hand. In South Australia there was a lot of local stone, so our buildings tended to be made of stone, wood which was plentiful and of course the ubiquitous galvanised iron. Over the border in Victoria, the old buildings are often made from local timber as they are in Queensland.

Of course there are many grand country houses, some of which I have featured before in this blog, but I love the old derelict farm houses that sheltered the hard working settlers of 200 years ago and would have so many stories of struggle, hardship, accomplishment, sadness, joy and love to tell if their walls could talk.

Australian barns are called "sheds" and they are rarely attractive, architecturally significant or even painted. This one is no longer in use, but it is still there to remind us of days gone by .

Go to the Barn Collective website (link below) to see more attractive old barns.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Barn Collective".


  1. I cannot imagine living in this building but, then, you live in a much warmer place than I do!! It's certainly photogenic!

  2. your barns there are so similar to texas. with the hot temperatures for so much of the year, the cattle don't need a lot of warm shelters - just shade. and we have a LOT of galvanized metal sheds here. :)

  3. These is real character with these old buildings and they are great to photograph.

  4. This "shed" has a lot of charm. but it looks like a strong wind could blow it away. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. There is a lot of character in these old sheds. Please share more with us! Thanks for linking to The Barn Collective.