Saturday, January 03, 2015

Sepia Saturday

Such a long time since I posted. You'll have to forgive me and put it down to being too busy with other things and maybe needing a break from Blogging.
But I have decided to get off my fat butt and join the blogging world again, so here goes.

I have decided to use the bicycles as my theme. The only photo I have is this one of a group of boys from a German youth group in Adelaide, South Australia, way back in the late 1800s. I believe my great aunt - about whom I have written at length in earlier posts - taught a number of them. They would have attended the same church as she did.

The back of the photo reads "members of the Yunglings Verem". I have no German, so someone may be able to translate it for me.

For more great sepia offerings please go to

Liz Needle