Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photo a Day 27

Tuesday is such a busy day in the world of photo memes, so I am linking this post with "Our World Tuesday" and "Rubbish Tuesday".

It is amazing what some old farmers find uses for around the farm. These old baths look quite strange in their setting. I can only assume that they were at some time used for watering stock. Or maybe the cows need the occasional bath.

Below are the remains of an old wooden farm shed or stable. This is a very old property.  Is that another bat in the top right hand corner?

Liz Needle linking with "Our World Tuesday" and "Rubbish Tuesday".

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  1. bath tubs make great water troughs for animals.

  2. I cannot think what 4 together in a field are doing except there is an enormous herd.

  3. you see a lot of those tubs in texas pastures, too. great cattle water tubs. :)

  4. Liz, you need to fix you link on Rubbish Tuesday. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Hi Tom,

      Have re-entered my link 5 times and still come up with the icon. Have no idea why. has never happened before. Any suggestions?

  5. This is funny! I wonder where they got all the old baths...probably had an arrangement with someone that does remodeling for people.

  6. I know way back when I was a kid. Farmer Jack was his name really. He used those for his cattle to drink from near the one area.