Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photo a Day 10 - Bush fire

Today we went to visit our daughter in a tiny town called Kersbrook. This town was in the centre of the horrific bushfires I wrote about earlier. The fire came to within 100 metres of there house on several sides.  Strange that a week ago we were packing our car to evacuate our house because we were in a danger zone, now a week later we are having extreme weather warnings that in the next 48 hours we will receive torrential rain - the heaviest falls in 30 years and the possibility of flooding. A country of extremes indeed!

These photos were taken on Checkers Hill Road.  In a week or so this road will feature in the cycling "Tour Down Under" which is telecast around the world.

Checkers Hill Road
 Sadly at the top of this hill the fire destroyed a house and outbuildings.

Looking to the left as far as you can see the country has burnt to a cinder

There is mile upon mile of similar country that will take years to return to it's natural  beauty.

Liz Needle


  1. i'm so sorry for another wave of potential damage! be safe!

  2. Disaster after disaster in your area. Hope it calms down by the time the biles go through. Still on target, I see. (and extras) Have a wonderful weekend.