Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Photo a Day 13 - More on the fire

I went for a quick drive today to get some shots for my previous blog and also took these of a couple of very lucky householders. How these houses were saved from the bush fire I will never know, but thanks to the bravery and skill of our CFS (Country Fire Service), they were spared.

Look below at the house on top of this hill.  The fire would have raced up the hill towards this place.

Liz Needle


  1. From the look of these two shots, I'd say it was a very fast moving fire that swept through and did not do much damage to the vegetation. Probably also due to the speed of the fire front, the houses could be saved after it had dashed through. It came a bit too close to us as well for my liking. Loosing everything once was enough for me.

  2. HI Liz it looks very scary and these people were very fortunate to have their houses saved.

  3. Those fires sure are scary, both these houses have had a near miss.


  4. Lovely scenery - thank goodness the houses were spared.

  5. I know how grateful they must feel!

  6. We know about fures in California!