Monday, January 19, 2015

Photo a Day 19 - Reflections

Reflecting about what I could post for Weekend Reflections and no matter how hard I looked, nothing came to mind.  Quite by chance I walked into my kitchen and there were reflections.  I had to fiddle with the settings - at which I am not skilled - but eventually came up with these shots.

I actually do a lot of reflecting myself in the kitchen.

These first two shots were taken with the flash, which showed the reflections, but took away the shadows.

This last one was taken without the flash and some playing around with settings. Not so well focused, because it was a slower shutter speed, but I like the effect better. I really must learn more about this camera.

Liz Needle,   not linking with Weekend Reflections because I was too late.


  1. HI Liz You had me worried there. I thought when I saw you title i had missed a few days this week!! Anyway, these are good reflections.

  2. i like the light-play and shadows on the kitchen implements. :)