Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo a Day 25 - Sausages

Oops, I missed yesterday so will catch up today.  Life was quite busy yesterday as I spent most of the day making home made sausages with my cousin, Jan.  In fact so busy were we that I didn't even take photos, so will use this one that was taken last time we did our sausage bit.

Jan and Liz, toasting our sausages

The first time we made sausages, we bought the spices and flavouring ingredients from a Bake and Brew shop. We were not very confident and a lot of things didn't go as planned. We also found the sausages were rather too salty for our tastes. The best ones we made were the kabanas.

We also found we didn't have much room on the bench top and it was all a bit crowded.

This time however we invented our own flavourings and didn't use the ready made ones. Much better result. We put a table in the middle of the room  - much easier, room to move around and clean up as we went and we planned much better - nothing went wrong.

The proof came with the taste test at a family barbecue last night and we were proclaimed master sausage makers.  Now we have even more ambitious plans for our next venture into sausage making.

Liz Needle


  1. looks like you have fun doing it together. :) glad it worked so well this year!

  2. My friends friends make there own and they bring some for us. I find them way too spicy. Not sure if yours are. Same as another friend brings us homemade jam.

    Oh is it sweet. Too sweet.