Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photo a day 24 - Angus

One of the many dogs we have had was Angus - a gorgeous Scottish Deer hound. We were given him by the family of one of the kids we taught. I think he was the last of the litter and they wanted a good home for him.

He was a delightful boy, gentle, friendly and very much loved by the family,especially Mark.

Angus (8 months) and Mark

Unfortunately we had to find a new home for Angus as he and our beloved Dobermann Sam just didn't get along. They were both entire dogs and there was just too much testosterone in the air. Poor Angus always got the worst of it as he just didn't have Sam's strength and as there was no question of getting rid of Sam, it had to be Angus to go.

Very reluctantly and with a lot of tears we found a friend of a friend who was desperate to take Angus and so he left us - probably happily on his part as he went to live in the outback and spent his life chasing kangaroos through the bush.

Liz Needle


  1. Angus looks like a sweet dog.

  2. great looking boy. hope he lived a good life.

  3. I am sure he enjoyed his new life in the countryside with wide open spaces.

  4. oh he is a pretty boy.

    I am sure someone will take him.

    1. Carolann. He found a home 35 years ago, but thanks for your concern.