Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rubbish Tuesday

For those of you who saw my Good Fences post last Thursday, this is the old cottage behind the old iron gate.  It is another old local cottage built from local stone as most of them were. I'm not sure if this was a German cottage as it was built on a farm that was not near a German settlement.

This one is unusual though in that the stone was cut into even shaped blocks and butted together to form a irregular pattern.  Most of them were built with the stone rougher hewn on the outside.

As you can see, the house has two separate roofs. Probably two rooms were built and roofed and later another two rooms were added with a separate roof. At one stage the veranda would have gone all around the building.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Rubbish Tuesday"


  1. Great shot of the old cottage.

  2. I love the way this looks on the outside...I would love to see the inside of it, too.

  3. Wow. That's a wonderful old building determined to withstand time.

  4. If those walls could talk. Just thinking of the workmanship and labor involved in constructing those walls.