Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Photo a Day 59 - Wild Bird Wednesday

Haven't had time to shoot birds these last few weeks - there! doesn't that sound awful, but you know what I mean.  So I am looking back through some of my early photos to see what I can find that I may not have used before or for a long time for my "Wild Bird Wednesday" post

This fellow is a Crested Pigeon. We usually see them in pairs, but last year we had 5 of them coming in to feed off the lawn. They are often mistakenly called Topknots.

This colourful fellow is a Galah very common in Australia and very recognisable. In an earlier post I showed one feeding its baby in a hollow branch, their favoured nesting sites.

These two are Adelaide Rosellas. They are from the same family as the Crimson Rosella, commonly found up the east coast. In fact they are called a sub-species. The Adelaide Rosellas vary in colour from pale yellow through to orange and crimson. These two fall some where in the middle of the colour range.

This boy on the other hand is very crimson in colour.

My apologies if you have seen them before. I'll try for some new stuff next week.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Wild Bird Wednesday".


  1. You certainly have some colourful birds in Australia!

  2. Well they are al lovely birds. The Rosella's re beautifully marked.

  3. They are all eye catching beautiful feathered friends!

  4. I'll admit I've not seen a crested pigeon before!