Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photo a Day 66 - Natural Beauty

Had to share these shots with my fellow Bloggers. This is my elder grand daughter - just 14 and absolutely gorgeous.

Not only is she beautiful, but she is smart, talented, athletic, hard working, sensible and a typical teenager - drives her parents mad sometimes.  But as a grand daughter she is perfect. and we love her dearly.

Liz Needle


  1. Your Granddaughter looks like my best friends Granddaughter in this picture who is what you mentioned of her qualities. Your Granddaughter is very mature looking for 14.

    Now as she has matured from this age . My friends G.daughter now sings, teaches piano, went to Africa with youth group, bakes cupcakes. Now in University to be a dress designer.
    Loves it. So you never know as they go on in life. and older. They take leaps and bounds in more things. Your G. daughter is so photogenic like hers and such similarities in both pictures.

  2. HI Liz She is very pretty and very like my grand daughter who is 15 TODAY!

  3. Yes, she is lovely! Glad to hear she is also sweet and talented, etc. She will be a good woman on this earth...

  4. She is beautiful...and all grandchildren are perfect!