Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Photo a Day 58 - That Barn is Rubbish

My photo today is one I have been trying to get for a while. Unfortunately it is on a busy road with no place to pull over, so I had to choose a quiet time and walk some distance from a safe parking spot. Even so I took my life in my hands as I had to stand on a very narrow verge with the road on one side and a big guard rail on the other.

Still, I felt a great deal of satisfaction when I got the shot and am now sharing it with you.  Seen from the distance it looks like a mess of rusted iron and wooden posts

A closer shot gives more idea of the structure and the size of what must have been a very large shed.

In the centre you can see the remains of a stone wall which I guess may have been the original stables/shed/barn. The rest of the building seems to have been built in sections and added on as the need for more space arose.

I am tempted to stop at the nearby house and ask if I can get a closer look at and hear the history of this very interesting old building.

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  1. It does look somewhat higgledy-piggledy doesn't it -but a great subject to photograph. #ourworldtuesday

  2. except for the stone wall, that barn could be in texas. lots of rusty galvanized metal structures here.

  3. I imagine it does have an interesting story to tell.

  4. Liz, You surely find some sad looking barns in your neck of the woods. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Tom, I love these old barns or sheds as we call them. They are so much more interesting than our new ones which are usually just square, straight, shiny iron.. A few people build copies of your red barns, but not many. These old ones have interest and character. Who now would build adds on to their sheds like these farmers did?

  5. Oh my. I'm glad you finally got it "on film". It is not long for this world. Thanks for sharing with us this week!

  6. I, too, like the old weathered and worn barns. If only they could talk? It would be interesting to find out the history behind your barn with all its additions. Thanks for your visit at my blog!

  7. it looks like it might have evolved over time and time has run out!!!

  8. It sure is a conglomeration of add-ons. I don't blame you for walking to get it.