Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday's Fences and Skywatch

I was looking for good sky shots for Skywatch Friday when I realised  that if I got down  a bit lower, (oh,  my ageing knees!) I could get  a good shot for Friday's Fences as well.  How slow am I?

But then I decided to add another shot for Skywatch, so here it is.

This was taken on the same night and at the same time  - just a different angle and direction.  I love this.

Liz Needle


  1. A good double Liz, Vibrant sky on the second shot.

  2. Those are both nice shots - such a colorful sky! I often forget to change my position to try different angles - I'm learning, though. It's amazing how much difference a few feet can make.

  3. How vibrant and gorgeous!

  4. I don't do lower. :)
    Wonderful shot through the fence and a gorgeous sky!

  5. Lovely shots Liz! Happy sky watching.

    My sky.