Sunday, March 03, 2013

Scatterdays "I"

I found this letter the hardest so far. Had to scratch my head a lot.
The topics are

Inchies from the sewing room.

Tools was easy, though I guess it depends whether or not you consider household utensils as 'tools'.  For the purposes of Scatterdays, I do, so I have photo of some of my collection of antique Irons.

Money had me really stumped until my brain started working outside the square and I found an old Income Tax Return.

Metal was also fairly easy and I found a lot of shots of iron items. I guess I could have used the first photo for both topics, but I rather liked this photo.

A very old iron engine that was no doubt considered a great labour saving invetion in its day.

And from my sewing room. Here I cheated a bit. I don't make 'Inchies", but this little Dear Jane block is only two inches square. When I have the patience, I must see if I can make an even smaller one.

Now I must check and see what torture Cinzia has in store for the next challenge.

Liz Needle


  1. Hi Liz! Am pleased you dropped by and thanks for your kind words. I am enjoying the experience too. Also pleased because I had trouble finding your site without your name in C's side bar. So here I am at your place and enjoy all the rusty shots. I still have a couple of toy irons somewhere of the same vintage & a vague Emory of my grandmother using one of the tenosynovitis irons!....then she had her first steam iron. I think I already spy an 'inchie' at the centre of the DJ block. It's beautiful. Look forward to seeing your 'D'. also love the old family photos and might try your avenue of having others identify these missing links.

    1. I actually put my name in the form and submitted it 3 times. Only the third one worked. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Some nice bits of old iron, there! And that looks like an Elna bobbin?

  3. Hi Liz, Like all your I's. In this day and age of identity fraud is it wise to put your TFN, date of birth etc all out in public? Unless of course you've changed all the info around?

  4. Love your 'iron' photos. I agree with Sue, I would take that off and cut off your info and just leave the heading.

  5. Nice job, Liz. I, too, found this one challenging, but we all did it anyway! I'm enjoying the entire process. It keeps me thinking laterally....

  6. Love all your metal Liz, I can see some rust dying using the pieces.
    Also love your reflections.

  7. You are all so clever and remind me that I also have two old irons I use as book ends and have a photo of a furfy somewhere and that is metal!
    I love being reminded by the creativity of others.

  8. I love your Baby Jane and agree the miniatures take a lot of patience.