Friday, March 22, 2013

Fridays fences

A few weeks ago we took a drive through the local area looking for fences! My husband quite got into the swing of things and made a number of suggestions - not all appropriate to the theme, but at least he was interested.

One of the spots we visited was the site of a very old German settlement called Friedensberg- a few weeks ago I showed you the old tree where one of the families lived for a while. There aren't many original houses left there now except the old schoolhouse, but there is a fascinating old cemetery and some nice old stone fences.

The remains of an old strainer  post

These old stone fences can be found all through our hills area. It was one way of using the stones collected from tyhe paddocks

There are many old graves here - mostly of German settlers. I loved this one with the old iron fence.


  1. I can't believe you don't have a comment on all three. I am a big fan of rock fences or walls or whatever you choose to call them. And love that little fence around the grave.

  2. Great fences and wall! This reminds me a great deal of areas of Texas where there were a lot of German settlers as well! Great photos!

  3. I love the rock walls. We have many such walls all throughout Connecticut and also some pretty old cemeteries.

  4. love the cemetery fence. so decorative. ( :