Thursday, February 28, 2013

He's Back

Our friendly koala comes and goes, staying for a day or two then disappearing for a time - over a week this last time. Our neighbour who keeps an eye out reported that he was on the ground under a nearby tree, so I went to check it out.

Sure enough there he was - our big boy Kenneth. He wasn't in a hurry to get up his tree, so I snapped him quickly.

He did start to climb, but very slowly and seemed to be struggling. I thought he might have been hurt, but there was nothing obvious. We have had very dry, hot days and koalas have been looking for water, which they don't usually need as they get most of their liquid needs from the eucalypt leaves. In some areas they have come onto patios and verandas looking for water and one was even caught with his head in a toile where the door had been left open.

I filled a bowl with water and took it back to find that he had gone further up the tree.

He seemed happy enough but I left the water bowl just in case. This morning he was gone, but he had come across the road into our place during the night as he had left a little pile of pellets near our gateway.  Thanks Kenneth!

Someone asked how I can tell it's Kenneth. Have a look just below his nostrils - there is a pink and black speckled area. Our other visitors haven't had this, so that's how I identify him - plus his size, he is quite a big fellow.

Liz Needle


  1. you lucky one! i love those little guys :)

  2. He's lovely Liz! So nice to have them nearby.

  3. What a great visitor to have. You must have eucalyptus trees. Sorry to hear about your dry conditions. Looks like our spring and summer will also be dry, unless we start getting more moisture.

  4. How wonderful to have a visitor like Kenneth Koala. Love the name.

  5. Oh my, a koala bear. We definitely don't have those around here (except in zoos - poor things). This is fascinating - he's so cute!

  6. He is precious! What a wonderful wild creature to have calling! You got some great photos!

  7. I hope he's ok! I just heard the other day that they don't need much water & that they get it thru the eucalyptus trees. He's a beauty, isn't he! =)