Saturday, February 02, 2013

Scatterdays "Q"

A difficult letter this week - caused me to think deeply. Thought of lots of things, but nothing that I could photograph easily. Finally made some decisions - hope you think them appropriate.

The topics  are:  a plant;  night time;  healthy;   something quick from my sewing room.

A plant 
             My Quince tree came to mind. This year we have our best crop ever and I am determined to get more than the birds, so have bought a net to put over the tree. I love quince trees at all stages. Gorgeous green, beautiful blossom, delicious golden fruit and striking autumn leaves.

Night time - what better than a cosy Quilt on the bed. This pretty Dresden Plate was the result of a birthday swap at a local quilt group - Woodpatch Quilters. I love this one.

Something quick from the sewing room - what could be quicker or more useful than the Quick Unpick.  As you can see I have at least 3 of them just to be on the safe side. I'm sure there are a few more lying around in unlikely places too.

Healthy had me stumped for a while, but I settled on the Quality of life in this Quiet serene spot in which we live.

Liz Needle


  1. Your surroundings look very healthy! Quiet is vital for quality of life - very desirable when my neighbour's dog is barking or the people over the back fence are fighting.

  2. Oh Liz! I love your pictures! The first, of your quince tree with the fruit, is so educational. Several people suggested quince to me to photograph, but as I have no idea of what it looks like, nor if we even have that here (I'm a seven month new resident to Florida), I opted for the queen palm. And I enjoy seeing your idyllic, healthy location to live! It seems wonderful, from your photo. Lovely place for a quiet walk. Well done with your picture choices.

  3. I love what you did with the letter Q. Great choices for your photo's. Do you join a meme for the alphabet?

    I am not sure how google + works I got there and I don't know how. :))
    I am going to follow you.

  4. actually have a quince tree? I thought these were magical plants that merely appeared in jams etc. have never seen a quince tree before.

  5. I love quinces, have done so since I was a child when we would eat fresh slices sprinkled with salt. Love quince jam and paste now.
    Great minds think alike.

  6. Your quiet is beautiful. Can see myself there on a nice day with a book and a glass of something?? Seems there are lots of who actually love the quince. Great photos.

  7. Love your photos this week Liz. Where you live does look tranquil

  8. Oh yes great choices for Q I love your quiet spot so pretty and green !

  9. Oh, Liz - I love the pictures of your healthy surroundings! It must be very peaceful to live there. I'm very envious that you have your own quince tree!

  10. Lovely photos of the healthy surroundings as also shown by the healthy quince tree...Mogs has hidden my clover unpicker and that was the one I thought of first for quilty.
    Lovely pictures.

  11. Beautiful peaceful surroundings. My nanna had a quince tree, she was always making jelly. Great photos.