Saturday, February 02, 2008

Scatterday Z

Scatterday Z
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Well, I nearly didn't make it this week. First week back has been hectic to say the least and late Friday night I decided that I would have to give Scatterdays a miss. Then I had second thoughts and sat down with my trusty Websters and discovered that i wouldn't even have to leave home to find any number of Zeds.

I must admit I did get a bit carried away with my own cleverness, but just had to include these piccies. I did leave some obvious ones out though - like zucchinis of which we have an overabumdance at the moment.

Zebra that I saw at the Zoo when I patted the cheetah.

DH Don - a Zamindar (owner of an agricultural estate) and his brother who sports a Ziff (beard)

Zilch - a photo of nothing and a Zero

insect Zapper and of course a Zipper

Zits - a comic strip I just love and Zodiac sign

Zecchinos (sequins) that I Zoomed in on and Zinc cream, beloved of our cricket teams.

I thought about Zabaglione, but I had no Marsala left and a Zig Zag stitch and orange Zest and Zinnias and a Zebra crossing, but figured i had done enough showing off for the day.

Now back to school work - the Zenith of my priorities at the moment.



  1. Aaahhh you did a blank for Zero... I was going to do a whole blank mosaic of Zero's but there were so much fun things out there weren't they! Terrific Liz!

  2. Wow Liz, what a great collection! I've learned some new words now! :-)

  3. Well done! *chuckle* You found some words that I didn't find. Love it!
    Show off all you like...after all, I do, so it won't make me look so bad. grin grin grin