Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday at last!!

July 27th

Finally Friday is here!! Lovely weekend to look forward to - and the housework that goes with it!!

I arrived home tonight feeling quite invigorated. Cooked a big pot of minestrone soup - that covers lunch for the weekend, then retired to the sewing room. Finally stitched the borders on a quilt top for my youngest granddaughter, Erinn. Really pleased with it too. I guess this one will end up on the floor just like the one I made for Niamh!!

This is a pretty little quilt, just perfect for a three year old. It's from a book called 'Fairyland', by Australian designer, Natalie Bird. Very cute. Here are a few of the blocks.

What next? Well, I have about 20 blue and white and yellow Dresden plate blocks which were made for me when I was a Woodpatch quilter. Quite a few of them need fixing up as some of the quilters didn't bother to trim the inner circle before they appliqued the centres and the ragged edges are showing through under the yellow centres. That's the reason they are still in a box somewhere, but it's time I got them out and put them together - my August challenge.

My other challenge is to get the roses and hydrangeas pruned. Spring will be upon us and nothing will be ready. At least the long dry summer kept the weeds at bay, but with the rain we have been having this winter, they will soon be on the move. I hope this summer we have enough water to keep things looking good.

Liz Needle

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