Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another goal achieved

August 1st.

7 months of this year gone and I am feeling that I am slowly achieving lots of small goals.

On Monday I visited my tax agent and got two years tax out of the way - a nice refund too. Maybe I'll buy a new camera with the proceeds. My poor little Canon is about 7 years old and quite outdated now - only 2.1 mega pixels!! I've also persuaded my son to get his tax organised - now that is a real achievement, but I'll only believe it when it happens!!

Our extra room is finally going to happen. We're signing the contract this week and then building will begin - and we'll be broke again. Thank goodness for the tax man.

And this week I finally put together a Dresden Plate quilt top - the blocks have been sitting around for about 4 years. They were made for me by Woodpatch Quilters as a friendship quilt, but quite a few of them needed some work done and I was two short, so last weekend I got stuck into it. Here is the result.

Now I have to think about the sort of border I want on it. Nothing too fancy. Maybe a plain cream scallopped border with blue binding? What do you think?
Borders always seem to be my stumbling block. I have two tops waiting for borders and I haven't a clue what I want to do with them. One of my problems is that I leave the border fabric until last, when I should get it earlier. By the time I am ready, colour fashions and styles have changed and I can never find the right fabric.
I'd really appreciate some suggestions - if there is anyone out there!!
Liz Needle


  1. A scalloped border sounds good, the shape would compliment the blocks I reckon. And a blue binding would set it off nicely. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do Liz!

  2. The flower on the Egyptian pieces is a lotus - it is used all over the Pharaonic Egyptian art and is one thing that has persisted through tentmaker work.


  3. Snap Liz - we just did 2 yrs worth of tax as well. You shouldn't have to do it every year!

  4. I couldn't agree more Michelle - especially if they owe you money. I quite like leaving it for two years - makes a nice fat cheque when it arrives. LOL

  5. Hello Liz. Sooo wonderful to discover you and your blog again. Lovely blog. Lovely quilt. Soooo what will you be building???? I will add you to my blog where I will not lose track of you agian. Hugs Judy