Friday, August 31, 2007

Scatterday G

Scatterday G
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Well, it's almost Saturday. In fact it is in the eastern states, so here is my Scatterday selection for this week

Vehicle - one for David Griffiths - an old Garford bus
Household utensils - a vintage trio form my collection - a grater, a meat grinder and a coffee grinder.
Colour- green chestnuts growing in my garden .

The vehicle caused me some grief. Eventually I visited the Birdwood Motor Museum and found this beauty, along with a Gogomobile and a Greeves motor cycle. Then on the way home I spied a garbage truck and a grader - all that on the last day, after I had fretted all week.

I wonder what the others came up with?



  1. Fabulous Liz. I love them all but those vintage kitchen items are a winner. Fancy having them in your kitchen! I fretted about the vehicle too and then thought of the golf cart at the last minute. Garbage truck never even entered my mind. I love this game!

  2. Brilliant work Liz, I'm very impressed. Mum has one of those meat mincers and still uses it to mince vegies for pasties and leftover lamb for shepherds pie. Yum!
    You might be Sherlock of the Week with the G vehicles.

  3. Brilliant Liz, just brilliant. I love all your choices!

  4. I had to wait for David to come home from the Tempe Bus Museum before I could comment Liz... he is very impressed and he remembers that Adelaide had lots of Garford Buses made in the USA and they also had lots of Garford Fire Engines, he loves the bike and says to tell you... Thank you very much for your trouble, it was a real treat to see them. cheers Pennie

  5. Fantastic Liz. That new camera seems to be working a treat. Love the vintage kitchen gear. I have a mincer somewhere in the back of my cupboard perhaps I should value it more :)
    I love every ones vehicle choices, such a variety of things I would never have thought of.