Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back to school

Thursday July 26th

Well, nearly a week back at school and I feel like I've been back for 10 days straight. I find the first week of term very tiring, especially on the voice, which has been rarely used for a fortnight!

Had a very peaceful, relaxing holiday - some housework achieved, though nowhere near as much as planned. Little gardening done - far too cold to even venture outside. We did move a dozen very large tree ferns and relocated them to the front garden. This had to be done to clear an area to build a new room - mainly for Mark, though it will be very handy when the grandchildren come to visit.

We went to Varekai - Cirque du soleil - and as usual just loved it. Brilliant costumes, great music and so much action and movement. This was a birthday present from my lovely daughter, Jo.

My best achieevement though was to finish the blocks for a quilt I am making. And I put them together in time for Show and Tell with my quilting group. Just have to work out what to do for a border - but so far I love this quilt. It is from a pattern called Stars in my Garden, by Lori Smith. I have done all the applique blocks by hand - buttonhole, which has been fun as I have been able to sit by the fire and keep Don company, instead of disappearing into the sewing room.

Whole quilt minus borders

Smaller units

When it is finished it will be sent away for quilting. Too big for me to tackle. I have two others to finish by September when they are booked in to a quilter.
Time to do some schoolwork!!
Liz Needle

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  1. Really pretty...I hope I have the time to look through all that came up when I search under 'quilt.'